Alexandria: Decentralized Knowledge Database

Alexandria: Decentralized Knowledge Database

THELOGICALINDIAN - The blockchain technology is enables us to reinvent a lot of applications and to advance a new bearing of apps that artlessly werent accessible alone a few years ago

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Alexandria_article_midimage3_BitcoinBlocktech is one aggregation amid alive to enhance the use of the blockchain technology. Moreover, Blocktech is applying this new technology to advance several broadcast applications, new cryptoeconomies, and ability distribution. The startup developed an open-source activity that presents a new abstraction for a broadcast ability abject for autumn and for administration and attention art, history and culture.

The Alexandria Library is the new software appliance developed by Blocktech. Alexandria brings to activity a belvedere abundant like the Youtube, Soundcloud, Netflix or any added library accouterment information, but after centralized servers. By removing the axial credibility of abortion while financially incentivizing agreeable producers about the apple and by using
open-source and peer-to-peer technologies, Alexandria tries to do for agenda agreeable publishing and administration what Bitcoin did for money.

Devon Read, Blocktech CEO explains:

Alexandria: Online Decentralized Knowledge

Alexandria offers us a decentralized, online adjustment of accumulator to anticipate the possible abolition of accumulation amounts of animal ability destruction. This account additionally enables a ability belvedere area censorship is about impossible.Alexandria_article_midimage1_Bitcoin

Governments abridge what bodies can watch, and creators abounding times see their agreeable deleted from the Internet after their consent. Furthermore, agreeable creators charge depend on centralized servers, breeding acquirement based on abortive and akin announcement anachronous models.

With this new model, users are encouraged to broadcast annihilation they want, including videos, music, books, 3D-printables and recipes. On the Alexandria platform, agreeable creators are in complete ascendancy over how their assignment is published, and they accept admission to several altered monetization options. Only the administrator has the adeptness to abolish his or her agreeable from the library. Users accept admission to appearance like commenting on media, publishing subscriptions, and the adeptness to automatically “cash out” cryptocurrency tokens into USD or added authorization currencies. This gives Alexandria the adeptness to alter the “software as a service” archetypal that runs on platforms like iTunes, Spotify and YouTube, enabling agreeable creators to broadcast their assignment after actuality apparent to censorship.

Decentralized Publishing

Alexandria_article_midimage_BitcoiAlexandria harnesses the ability of broadcast technologies, including IPFS (Interplanetary File System) and the Bitcoin and Florincoin blockchains. Bitcoin is optionally acclimated for audience-to-publisher payments. By application the Florincoin blockchain, Alexandria can accommodate a permanent, about attainable publishing database and payments ledger, creating a financial allurement for users to accord to the advance and aegis of the platform.

Alexandria handles all agreeable in a absolutely decentralized manner. By eliminating axial credibility of failure, Alexandria Keeps all agreeable in the blockchain. Alexandria additionally uses Bitcoin to accredit artists to accept tips and payments for their art anon from their audiences.

The aboriginal footfall for an artisan to get their assignment out in the apple in advanced of abeyant audiences is publishing it. To broadcast to iTunes or Spotify, artists usually go through a middle-man account that takes a baby allotment of their revenues in barter for putting their advance into agenda music stores. With Alexandria, artists will no best accept to do that!

Peer to Peer Distribution

Once a allotment of art has been appear to an online catalog, how do the users get the file? In the traditional model, files are kept on a agreeable administration arrangement (CDN), absolute by its rules and paid for and controlled by assorted companies. This gives companies the adeptness to appeal big cuts from artists’ revenues, and the adeptness to abridge or abolish agreeable they don’t accede with as well.

To alter this arrangement with a decentralized mechanism, Alexandria uses the IPFS broadcast assortment table (DHT). Similar to the technology basal Bittorrent, IPFS is an accessible antecedent software belvedere that allows users to allotment files with one addition after activity through any axial credibility of failure.

By application Bitcoin, Florincoin and IPFS, Alexandria alien a new arrangement able of replacing for the centralized mechanisms with an absolutely associate to peer, uncensorable and decentralized process.

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