ZCoin Commits to Monthly Donations to Ross Ulbricht Defense

ZCoin Commits to Monthly Donations to Ross Ulbricht Defense

THELOGICALINDIAN - Back in September we appear on a new privacycentric cryptocurrency alleged ZCoin Since again the agenda asset has launched and now trades on assertive exchanges Now the amount ZCoin aggregation is committing to a account donation to Ross Ulbricht charities

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ZCoin Stands With Ross Ulbricht and the Ideals of the Silk Road

zcoin ZCoin is a cryptocurrency that uses Zero-Knowledge cryptographic proofs on its network. Launched on September 28 of this year, the badge was created by developers Poramin Insom and Gary Le.

ZCoin is a rebrand of Moneta and is not to be abashed with Zcash. Any cryptocurrency can use the zero-Knowledge technology. In fact, a cardinal of Zcash competitors use zero-proofs, such as the Komodo project, and Zcash.

The creators of ZCoin are able supporters of alternative and chargeless bazaar enterprise. They accept back Ross Ulbricht created the Silk Road, it was a “grand adventure to access alone alternative and chargeless commerce.”

In an accomplishment to advance acquaintance to the Ross Ulbricht’s account and accepted appeal, ZCoin is committing to a donation of 100 ZCoins per month, for four years, to charities that abutment Ulbricht’s defense.

ZCoin explains in their contempo blog:

Harsh Sentencing and the Appeal for Justice

Ross UlbrichtRoss Ulbricht has appealed his case to a set of appellate board in Manhattan. The amount to armamentarium this aegis is actual high, and the Ulbricht ancestors has been acutely beholden for admission donations.

ZCoin’s creators accept that, throughout history, the war on drugs has been a complete failure. The aggregation associates say, “Ross Ulbricht stood on the appropriate ancillary of history, affably application technology to abide adjoin the bandits in government that accept angry the biologic war into a assisting business through government asset seizure.”

In their opinion, the Silk Road served as a prototype, clashing any marketplace to date. ZCoin believes that in an ideal world, Ross wouldn’t accept gone to bastille at all for creating a website that facilitated the peaceful barter amid acknowledging adults.

Instead, Ulbricht accustomed a activity book in bastille after parole. ZCoin believes this abuse defies argumentation back attractive at punishments for best added drug offenders today.

“Ross was punished to a activity in bastille afterwards parole. His sentencing was absolutely above the ambit of what biologic offenders get in America, and acutely harsher than what alike the prosecutor approved after,” explains ZCoin.

‘Powerful Technology Peacefully Changing Illogical and Harmful Public Policy’

The mission to advice Ulbricht’s action actual abundant resembles the agreement they accept created. ZCoin believes that “ able technology can affably change casuistic and adverse accessible policies, including the war on drugs.” In their opinion, The Bitcoin protocol accumulated with Zero-Knowledge aloofness will eventually advance to accurate laissez-faire.

On Sunday, October 16, ZCoin architect Gary Le will arise on the Austin-based radio advertisement The Crypto Show. Le will altercate the donations to Ross Ulbricht in added detail. Additionally, Ross’ mother Lyn Ulbricht, and Free Ross adherent Tatiana Moroz, will arise on the show.

What do you anticipate about ZCoin’s charge to accord to Ross Ulbricht’s acknowledged defense? Let us apperceive in the comments below.  

Source: ZCoin Blog

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Note: Bitcoin.com buyer Roger Ver has investments in ZCoin.