Mintsy Mining Contracts Simple to Use and Backed by Proof of Mining
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Mintsy Mining Contracts Simple to Use and Backed by Proof of Mining

THELOGICALINDIAN - Disclosure Mintsy provided us with a 100 ghs arrangement to analysis the appearance while it is in beta mode

Mintsy, a new billow mining account that is allotment of the Cryptsy ecosystem is currently in beta allure only. We were able to get an allure and analysis the account as it stands so far. Mintsy has several absorbing appearance not the atomic of which is affidavit of mining.

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Mintsy Astrologer BitcoinistWhen you aboriginal log into Mintsy, you will see they accept a actual abundant astrologer that helps adviser you through your options. The airheaded are simple and accessible to access. Mintsy provides affairs for Scrypt Mining and SHA-256/Bitcoin Mining. Thier affairs are altered than abounding on the bazaar as they accommodate anchored appellation contracts. There is no lifetime option. Mintsy sells the affairs in 3 months and 6-month lengths that accommodate all costs up front, so any payments you accomplish go anon to you. This change makes it added big-ticket at the outset, but you do not pay fees for electricity and maintenance.

Once you accept purchased a contract, you can actualize a worker, and either abundance on their centralized pools or you can abundance to your alien pools as well. These appearance acquiesce for administration of assortment ability and added ascendancy for barter of their miners.
I asked Marshall Long of Mintsy about this.

Mintsy has a simple user interface that is additionally affection rich. What was your adviser in authoritative the interface in a way that bodies new to mining could calmly use it?

New bodies charge to get into mining to decentralize the arrangement and access arrangement security. Making an accessible to use armpit is key in alluring new bodies into bitcoin.

Mintsy Mining Pools BitcoinistAnother affection is that you can point your concrete miners to Minsty’s pools as well. We acicular a BFL Jalapeno at 20 gh/s and a BFL Single at 55 gh/s to Minsty and afterwards a few mins they showed up on the dashboard. One of the absorbing appearance is you can additionally hire out your assortment ability acicular to Mintsy giving you added options for mining income. Depressed Bitcoin amount has larboard abounding billow mining companies with issues actuality able to run. Long with his absolute relationships in the mining industry has been able to abode the issues of miner costs and electricity costs.

Lower Bitcoin and Alt-Coin ethics accept fabricated mining, abnormally billow mining accumulation margins thin. What accept you done abnormally to be able to accomplish profitably?

Cheap electrical ante and key partnerships with accouterments manufacturers.

Mintsy uses a custom congenital interface that has a congenital in barter belvedere so you can buy and advertise affairs that will be advancing soon. This affection will acquiesce added adaptability in how you use your contracts. The software is congenital to auto-detect if you assortment amount is not at the apprenticed levels. This affection allows them to atone barter for any accident of assortment rate. Doing this goes forth with their affidavit of assortment amount that helps them accommodate affidavit they accept the assortment amount they awash and that it is mining. Not annoyed with aloof accouterment accepted proofs they accomplished out to Peter Todd to booty it alike further.

Mintsy Mining Rig Rental BitcoinistProof of mining is a above affair in our industry afterwards so abounding scams. What options did you accept to put in abode to be able to accommodate affidavit of mining in a way that leaves no doubt? Also did you accept to advance a way to do this while attention your proprietary infrastructure?

We consulted with Peter Todd on this. We knew how to prove it, but Peter formed out some of the holes in our proof. That was the key. Making a ammo affidavit – proof.  We are actual aflame about acceptance bodies to see our transparency.

The Minsty Beta is assuming not alone absorption to detail in the interface and able affection set but additionally a cellophane way to do billow mining. Adding in appearance like mining rig rentals and the adeptness to point your concrete miners at Mintsy pools or alike point your Minsty arrangement miners at alien pools accomplish it added advantageous than aloof affairs a billow contract. Now you can use your cloud-based miners to abundance new coins, abutment altcoins. You can hire out your concrete miners to others as able-bodied maximizing profits. We will accumulate an eye on Minsty and accompany you updates on it as they abide to cycle out appearance and advance to the final release.

What do you anticipate of Mintsy’s transparency?


Photo Source: Mintsy