UK’s Biggest Business Travel Agency Now Accepts Bitcoin
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UK’s Biggest Business Travel Agency Now Accepts Bitcoin

THELOGICALINDIAN - UKs better biking administration aggregation is now accepting bitcoin for payments afterwards accretion appeal from audience The move additionally hints that its retail biking behemothic parentcompany Flight Centre Group could anon acquire BTC companywide

UK’s Biggest Travel Management Company Accepts Bitcoin

Corporate Traveller is the UK’s better biking administration aggregation committed to partnering with companies with baby – average biking absorb requirements.

Now it will be accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments for its casework via third-party acquittal processor BitPay.

Corporate Traveller UK General Manager, Andy Hegley said:

“We chose BitPay to administer our merchant processing because they accomplish it accessible and handle the absolute action of accepting the Bitcoin or Bitcoin Banknote from the chump and depositing banknote into our account,” said Hegley.

By application BitPay, Corporate Traveller won’t be accountable to bitcoin amount volatility. The tradeoff, however, is that it won’t account from Bitcoin network’s acceleration (10-30 minutes) back BitPay’s adjustment into GBP will booty about 2 business days.

Ultimately, though, accepting bitcoin seems added like a PR move. BTC is alone aloof addition acquittal advantage for the aggregation who still receives authorization into their coffer annual after anytime administration bitcoin.

Hegley adds:

Flight Centre Travel Group Next?

Corporate Traveller operates offices in 20 locations beyond the UK. At the aforementioned time, its ancestor aggregation Flight Centre Biking Group (FCTG) is the better retail biking account provider in Australia.

flight centre uk acquire bitcoin

The Brisbane-based retail biking aperture is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and has about 2,800 retail locations globally. Besides Australia and the UK, it has attendance in New Zealand, United States, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, India, China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Mexico.

Corporate Traveller, therefore, is testing the amnion for accessible company-wide acceptance of bitcoin.

“All the time bodies ask if we acquire Bitcoin… Mainly all-embracing acceptance and tourists already actuality aggravating to book added flights,” an agent at an Australian action centre biking bureau explained.

Travel Industry Pioneering Bitcoin Adoption

Paying with bitcoin for flights, hotels and biking casework in general, has already been accessible for years. One of the aboriginal companies to avant-garde bitcoin accepting back 2024 was CheapAir.

TravelbyBit to Integrate Binance’s BNB Coin Across all Merchants

Last year, CEO Jeff Klee told Bitcoinist that accepting bitcoin has been a “positive experience” for the company, admitting issues with third-party acquittal processors.

Open-source (and self-hosted) solutions such as BTCPayServer can accommodate merchants with a added custom band-aid while application added ascendancy over the processing acquaintance such as bigger fee estimation.

Kllee explained:

Other platforms such as Travelbybit, and alike airlines such as Japan’s Peach and AirBaltic accept been accepting bitcoin for absolutely some time now.

Klee additionally believes that “the best crypto currencies are around, the added abiding they assume and the added acceptable we’ll see added buy-in from added biking retailers.”

Will Flight Centre Travel Group acquire bitcoin company-wide? Share your thoughts below!

Images via Shutterstock, Corporate Traveller