Top-3 Mining Rig Maker Ebang Eyes Market Turnaround in 2024
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Top-3 Mining Rig Maker Ebang Eyes Market Turnaround in 2024

THELOGICALINDIAN - Ebang the thirdlargest mining accessories ambassador affairs to accomplish at atomic 400000 of its Ebit mining rigs in 2024 The companycommands a 92 allotment of the all-around mining accouterments bazaar lying abaft alone Bitmain and Canaan

Ebang Expects to Sell 400K Units in 2024

The latest aggregation letters appearance sales of about 159k units in 2017, followed by about 309k units in the aboriginal bisected of 2018. Total abstracts for 2018 are not yet available, but Ebang appear “significant decreases” in Q3, compared to the antecedent quarter. This is in accepted with added mining rig manufacturers, as the crypto winter started to booty hold.

But these latest plans, according to a bounded account outlet, advance the abatement hasn’t biconcave the company’s angle too much. 400k units is two and a bisected times the absolute sales in 2017, and acceptable commensurable to the closing 2018 total.

Hong Kong IPO

Like the blow of the mining accouterments accomplishment above players, Ebang is attractive to go public. It has an IPO awaiting with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, accepting adapted its announcement aftermost December.

Hong Kong banking regulations crave a ‘quiet period’ about an IPO when assembly are not accustomed to absolution aggregation information. Therefore Ebang could not affirm or abjure the appear assemblage assembly amount for 2024.

Hong Kong cryptocurrency

Dominant player, Bitmain, additionally has an IPO appliance awaiting with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which it filed in September 2018. Rumors arose that this was in jeopardy due to massive Q3 2018 losses. It charcoal to be apparent how these affairs advance as Bitmain this anniversary unveiled a new 7nm ASIC chip.

Second better manufacturer, Canaan, meanwhile was the aboriginal to attack an IPO advertisement in Hong Kong, although it eventually accustomed this to lapse. The latest suggestion is that Canaan is now because an IPO in New York.

According to reports, the three companies command a accumulated 82.5% of the bazaar allotment in agreement of sales revenue.

Will Ebang advertise 400k units in 2024? Share your predictions below!

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