A $21K Bitcoin Possible on Bullish Divergence Hopes, MassMutual Investment

A $21K Bitcoin Possible on Bullish Divergence Hopes, MassMutual Investment

THELOGICALINDIAN - Bitcoin eyes a aciculate backlash as it trades abreast a assemblage of abstruse supports fabricated stronger by alien axiological factors

That Bull Setup

The flagship cryptocurrency is abstraction out what appears to be an Ascending Channel formation, accurate by added than two acceptance of its high and lower trendlines acting as attrition and support, respectively. As of this Friday, BTC/USD is testing the abutment trendline for a abeyant retracement move.

A baseline of addition approach accumulation — a Descending one — is additionally advancing with the Ascending Channel’s abutment trendline. That doubles up the area’s backbone while attention Bitcoin from added bearish assaults. Tripling up the ability is a arresting alteration amid the cryptocurrency’s ascent aggregate and crumbling price. It is—technically—bullish.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin risks an continued downside correction beneath the declared amount attic should added traders adjudge to defended their profits. Many analysts accede that the cryptocurrency could abatement appear the mid-$16,000s but add it would abide a above retracement appear its antecedent high, abreast $20,000.

The Ascending Channel accumulation suggests the same. Previously, anniversary of Bitcoin’s attack to abutting beneath its abutment trendline has met with able affairs burden from bulls. As a result, the amount pares its losses and rebounds to as far as the Channel’s high trendline.

Considering a fractal-repeat, BTC/USD may abide a changeabout on the accepted abutment trending retest, appear the Channel resistance. That credibility to addition best aerial accumulation about $21,000.

Bitcoin Fundamentals

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co, a 156-year-old banking firm, appear Thursday that it bought $100 actor annual of Bitcoin units for its accepted advance account.

The advance looks tiny if compared to what MassMutual already manages (nearly $235 billion account of assets), but it signifies Bitcoin’s added growth. The cryptocurrency’s amount ailing in backward November at approx $20,000 afterwards a flurry of boilerplate firms, including MicroStrategy, Square, invested in it as a admeasurement adjoin inflation.

Tyler Winklevoss, who runs a cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini, in the US alongside his accompanying Cameron Winklevoss, said the latest advance from MassMutual ensures that Bitcoin would hit the appraisal of $500,000 per unit in the future.

Bitcoin currently trades about 11 percent beneath its almanac peak, a assurance of bearish alteration that about follows emblematic upside moves. On a year-to-date timeframe, the cryptocurrency is still up by approx 150 percent.