www.BitcoinWallet.com Buyer Speaks Out Rumored Sale Merck

www.BitcoinWallet.com Buyer Speaks Out Rumored Sale Merck

THELOGICALINDIAN - Alex Charfen wwwBitcoinWalletcom Buyer Speaks Out On Rumored Sale To Merck Co Inc

Written By: Patrick ‘PK’ McDonnell

I had accounting an article beforehand today on the analysis of the accessible change in ownership of www.BitcoinWallet.com from Austin, Texas, Entreprenuer Alex Charfen to Merck & Co., Inc.

I accustomed the beneath bulletin from ‘Alex Charfen’ himself afterwards publishing;

Alex Charfen • 2 hours ago “You should accept accomplished out and absolute rather than allotment bruised opinions based on a burst site. I accept annihilation to do with Merck, abutting time if you are activity to address an commodity maybe basal analysis – like a bulletin through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, I’m accessible on all three. Instead you’ve fabricated assumptions and aggregate some appealing asinine opinions.”

I account his assessment on extensive out but that would never absorb what I accept to be the truth. On February 05, 2015 it was about appear that Niko Younts awash the website to Alex Charfen for $250K USD. Mr. Charfen was afraid to acknowledge his intentions with the domain to the media. However, the apple was told by both parties themselves of the change & sale?

So why is the www.BitcoinWallet.com area allotment registered as private? Possibly to adumbrate the ‘true’ owner?

SOURCE: www.GoDaddy.com

As well, why is Merck & Co., Inc. alike complex with the website registration? That advice aloof doesn’t arise & needs to be input?

SOURCE: www.BuildVisit.com

POSSIBLE CONCLUSION: Mr. Charfen bootless to affectation the auction of said website while appointment to new buyer by animal absurdity & it got got on an authentic assay website that is ‘NOT’ burst as Mr. Charfen claims advertisement every added area allotment accurately but Mr. Alex Charfen’s? Absolutely not! Not believable in a apple of literates.

I absolutely accept I am 100% actual in my ‘silly opinions’ & action Mr. Charfen the befalling to appearance ‘proof of ownership’ to resolve. But I don’t accept that can appear due to clauses in his cofidentiality acceding with Merck & Co., Inc. possibly? Just addition ‘lame opinion’ from a crazy Bitcoin guy…


COYOTE AFTER THOUGHT??? Computers await on animal ascribe to affectation accessible output. The alone way for Merck & Co., Inc. to be listed on any blazon of area anthology for www.BitcoinWallet.com would be for the registered buyer of the website to do so. There is no added way for it to appear this is not google search. People lie, computer don’t! My assessment from a astute angle point.