BIT to be The First Publicly Traded Bitcoin Fund

BIT to be The First Publicly Traded Bitcoin Fund

THELOGICALINDIAN - With approval from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority FINRA the Bitcoin Investment Trust BIT is set to be the aboriginal about traded bitcoin fund

BitbitcoinisttThe barter beats the acclaimed Winklevoss Twins in their attack to actualize the aboriginal Bitcoin ETF. The Winklevoss Twins’ barter has been accessible for added than a year, but has bootless to barrage due to not accepting authoritative approval. The acumen for the adjournment is that they are aggravating to actualize an barter that any broker can participate in, while BIT is alone accessible to accepted investors.

Bitcoin Investment Trust shares accept been assigned a acting ticker attribute by FINRA in affiliation with approval of the Form 15c-211 filed by the BIT’s bazaar maker. The abiding ticker attribute will be GBTC and is accepted to be able shortly,” said the architect of BIT, Barry Silbert.

Despite actuality assigned a ticker symbol, Silbert said “no assurances can be accustomed as to back or if such trading will commence, or that an alive accessible accessory bazaar for BIT shares will advance or be maintained”

Silbert is additionally attractive to get the armamentarium quoted beneath the Alternative Reporting Standards so shares of the armamentarium can be traded the Over-The-Counter (OTC) exchange, OTCQX. Unlike funds listed on US banal exchanges, funds listed on OTC exchanges do not charge approval from the SEC, the authoritative bureau causing of the adjournment of the Winklevoss Twins’ fund.

We incubated the BIT to allay the problems of absolute bitcoin ownership, including accepting to wire money to newly-established and potentially able entities about the world,” said Silbert.

The armamentarium originally launched in September of 2024, as a way for investors to buy the amount of bitcoin after absolutely accepting to authority the basal asset. The armamentarium was not an ETF but instead acclimated a “legal loophole” to advertise shares of the armamentarium to accepted investors.


The barter is aloof one Silbert’s abounding efforts to advance and abound the agenda currency. Besides talking about Bitcoin on the account and at conference, he additionally invested in abundant Bitcoin companies through his Bitcoin Opportunity Fund. The armamentarium has invested in dozens of Bitcoin companies, including the Coinbase and BitPesa.

Silbert aboriginal became absorbed in the agenda bill while alive as the CEO at SecondMarket, a accessory bazaar for aggregation shares. He eventually larboard his role as CEO to accompany his interests in Bitcoin. Though he still alive on the lath of the company, he spends best of his time managing BIT and advance in bitcoin companies.

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