Block Verify Turns Bitcoin Into a Life-saving Technology

Block Verify Turns Bitcoin Into a Life-saving Technology

THELOGICALINDIAN - While I was accessory the Inside Bitcoins Berlin appointment over the accomplished few canicule all of the contest guests were advised to a abruptness advertisement fabricated by the bodies over at Block Verify This abrupt intermezzo had aggregate to do with application the blockchain technology in such a way that can account anniversary and every one of us active affected articles and appurtenances Block Verify believes the blockchain holds the technology bare to action affected appurtenances on an accepted calibration Block Verify will use an avant-garde blockchain band-aid to acquiesce ecology of the accomplished accumulation alternation including trading ally and artefact sourcing

Block Verify – Blockchain Based Solution

Improving anti-counterfeit measures can alone be accomplished by application a decentralized, scalable and tamper-proof solution. Block Verify will accomplish use of a clandestine blockchain, a awful scalable cellophane protocol, in adjustment to accredit every bogus artefact as an asset. All of these assets will again be added to this blockchain and assigned a different identification cardinal [called “hash”].

– Pavlo Tanasyuk, Block Verify Founder

blockverify_2_bitcoinistThe blockchain will verify these hashes in adjustment to actuate whether or not the account in catechism is accepted or counterfeit. Whether it’s a handbag, a tablet, or added chiefly – a medicine, any and every account in the apple will be absolute through the blockchain. And this is area this technology’s above backbone comes into comedy : anyone in the apple can admission the blockchain after any restrictions, and conduct their own account verifications.

One of the issues to booty into application is the change of buying of an item. Have no fear, as this is addition accomplished affection of blockchain technology, as it can accommodate complete analysis apropos the back and who of the buying change. On top of that, the blockchain prevents awful individuals or groups from creating alike account records.

This accomplished abstraction relies alone on a arguable belvedere in the anatomy of the blockchain, which not alone holds all of the basic information, but is additionally accustomed complete assurance by Block Verify. Complete assurance is accomplished by putting advice on both the clandestine and the Bitcoin blockchain, accouterment a cellophane database to the akin that is needed.

To put it in actual simple agreement : the blockchain does not lie, can not lie and will never lie. Every almanac on the blockchain is absolute to be 100% true, which in about-face validates the angary of your product. Block Verify is because the acceptance of casework provided by Factom, and both teams are alive on award the appropriate mix.

Not alone will this activity accompany added authority to blockchain technology, but it aloof one of the abounding examples of all-around acceptable we can all accomplish by all-embracing Block Verify. Abounding lives will be adapted in one way or addition because of the blockchain, and Block Verify has the abeyant to accompany that ability to every alone on this planet.

Counterfeiting: Damage on a Global Scale

Counterfeiting is a accepted problem, whether we appetite to accept it or not. Most of the world’s citizenry is afflicted by affected products, which not alone amount jobs, but additionally amount millions of lives anniversary and every year. Despite the efforts fabricated by governments about the world, added and added affected articles access the all-around barter accumulation year over year. According to some contempo projections presented by the International Chamber Commerce, up to US$1.77 abundance account of affected appurtenances will access the all-around barter accumulation in 2024.


When we allocution about affected biologic drugs, people’s lives are in crisis behindhand of their location, adoration or ethnicity. On a all-around scale, we see over US$320 billion in affected drugs actuality awash every year. Research has bent that 1/3 of all malaria drugs awash in Africa are fake. Affected malaria drugs advance to the deaths of an estimated 500,000 innocent bodies every year. Over 30% of drugs in the developing apple are begin to be counterfeit. Despite all-around efforts, the affected bazaar for biologic drugs is alone accretion in allotment from abstruse innovations from bent institutions.

Current Solutions Are Insufficient

Several solutions to affected appurtenances accept apparent the ablaze of the day over the accomplished decade, yet none of them has the adeptness to decidedly appulse the problem. Whether it is simple technology centralized on the company’s own servers, relying on the end user to manually verify a artefact – and alone acknowledging a scattering countries at that – or actuality a centralized [and calmly corruptible] service, there is alone one absolute acknowledgment to this botheration : using the blockchain.

Successful Pilot Program

Block Verify has auspiciously completed the aboriginal allotment of a pilot affairs with a Swiss biologic aggregation with a UK presence.

About Pavlo Tanasyuk

Pavlo Tanasyuk accelerating with a amount in analysis, architecture and administration of Information Systems from the LSE and has a MPhil in Technology Policy from Cambridge University. Pavlo founded a cardinal of sucessful banking startups. He is currently the CEO of Monexy, a aggregation that was developed by Pavlo, which has candy billions in affairs in Eatern Europe. Pavlo is now alive in developing new blockchain applications and is a close accepter of its abeyant alfresco of banking apple as well.


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