Blockchain 2024: Results of Prague Conference

Blockchain 2024: Results of Prague Conference

THELOGICALINDIAN - On May 19 2024 Blockchain Bitcoin Appointment Prague the additional anniversary appointment committed to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology took abode in the Czech Republic In 2024 to the appointment above name Bitcoin Appointment the chat Blockchain was added back it is abstracts anatomy blocks that developers investors and banking institutions accept focused on

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What Happened at the Prague Blockchain 2024 Conference?

Prague Blockchain Conference

The appointment was disconnected into three parts, committed to cryptocurrency trends, innovations and applied accomplishing of blockchain.

Besides the appointment there was exhibition area, presenting banking and abstruse products, advised to abridge business operations and advance account affection from clients’ perspective. These solutions are:

– Bitwala account for coffer transfers application Bitcoins;

– HashCoins accouterments and software for mining;

– 7Elephant account for business operations based on blockchain;

– Wirex – Personal banking platform;

– Tom Horn Gaming software for gaming;

– Nanocard debit card;

– CoinsBank products.

12 speakers from 8 countries covered issues that were active discussed in 2024 by blockchain community. Various blockchain systems alfresco the ambience of cryptocurrency were in the aerial ablaze of the conference. Taken into annual were not alone Bitcoin-based blockchains, but additionally Ethereum-based blockchains that are accepting acceptance rapidly.

An important allotment of the accident was the appliance action of blockchains: assembly of banking and IT industry confused above the approach and presented casework that will abridge lives of end customers.

Ronny Boesing (CEO CoinsBank, Denmark) batten about the benefits of decentralized technologies, including their accuracy and integrity. The apostle gave an archetype of company’s adaptability at the civic markets: CoinsBank articles are acclimatized to legislations and cyberbanking systems of altered countries.

A abundant address on investment in Bitcoins was presented by Jack Tatar (businessman, arch of GEM Research Solutions & People Tested Media Research Company, USA). Audience accustomed answers to their questions about risks of advance and how to assure yourself back advance in cryptocurrency.

Security issues, contemporary for transaction participants were covered by Pavel Niedoba (owner of SimpleCoin, Czech Republic). He batten about the best accepted schemes of burglary bitcoins out of cyberbanking wallets and gave admonition on how to accumulate your accumulation safe.

George Basiladze (founder of Cryptopay, Russia/UK) presented a address about the approaching of cross-border payments in Bitcoins. Speed and low transaction costs accord to the actuality that the cardinal of cross-border payments fabricated in this cryptocurrency will abound rapidly.

Using the archetype of their company, Edgar Bers and Vitali Pavlov (representatives of HashCoins, Estonia) gave a footfall by footfall account of how blockchain works. The aggregation is developing accouterments and software for mining, acceptance users to abundance cryptocurrency after all-encompassing ability of it.

Sergey Primachik (representative of 7Elephant, Russia) presented his eyes of advantages and disadvantages of Ethereum exemplified by the implemented project. Sergey presented his affair not on the account of developers, but discussed casework from a business perspective. Audience abstruse about the difficulties that Ethereum-based activity audience faced with.

Meinhard Benn (CEO SatoshiPay, Germany) batten about business prospects, opened by nanopayments in bitcoins – affairs according to one cent or alike less. Conference participants abstruse about allowances of the account that provides burning alteration of funds and aerial abundance of transactions. Users are able to pay in one-click (or automatically) for alone that actual allotment of agreeable that is absolutely absorbing for them.

Global changes that will be fabricated by blockchain were discussed aural the presentation of Amin Rafiee (Bination, Australia). The apostle fatigued that the technology will advance to a conceptual restructure of law, administration and added fields.

Pavel Matveev (founder of Wirex Limited, Russia) explained how to amalgamate card basement and Bitcoin. Until the day comes back bodies are able to pay all appurtenances and casework with agenda money, Bitcoin charcoal a alcove product, the capital cold of which is to accompany calm cryptocurrency and acclaim cards.

Bharath Rao (CEO Coinpit Inc, USA) batten about how to secure transactions and accumulator of agenda money from cybercriminals. He gave admonition on how to accumulate safe claimed advice on the network.

Organizer of the event, Smile Expo exhibition company, would like to accurate its acknowledgment to all guests, sponsors and partners.

The abutting accident on blockchain and cryptocurrency will be Blockchain & Bitcoin Appointment Kiev. The appointment will be captivated in the Ukrainian basic on September 22, 2016.

Plan your appointment to Kiev! We will altercate the best accordant issues for IT specialists and entrepreneurs alive with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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