Blockchain Project Augur Joins Microsoft Azure

Blockchain Project Augur Joins Microsoft Azure

THELOGICALINDIAN - San Francisco CA March 15 2024 Augur becomes addition one of the called in Microsofts Azure Blockchainas a Service the tech giants arising ecosystem of arch blockchain and accompanying accoutrement and technologies

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Augur Partners With Microsoft Azure Blockchain Project

augur blockchain“On Azure, Augur will action a turn-key band-aid for enterprises that ambition to run an centralized adaptation of the platform,” said Augur Co-Founder Joey Krug.

Krug added: “A aggregation may not appetite their markets to be accessible or may not appetite to accord with the acquiescence costs of a accessible market.”

Augur is a decentralized anticipation bazaar belvedere congenital on the Ethereum blockchain. The belvedere has globalizing power, enabling absolute forecasting of any topic, from backroom to commerce, technology to entertainment, based on acumen of the army principles.

Users can anticipation artefact barrage dates by targeting bazaar data, appraise best timeframe for activity funding, clue sales amount and assorted added key metrics and achievement abstracts to ability abstracts after any centralizing authority, middlemen or otherwise.

Crowdsourcing advice decentralizes assay and is advised a bigger analytic access because it reduces mistakes and absolute manipulation.

With Augur, bags of users address on outcomes, this improves abstracts accumulating and the adeptness to accurately anticipation an accident with abeyant for a all-around perspective.

The software is currently in the beta date of development and can be activated by anyone at

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About Augur

Augur is a San Francisco-based aggregation accouterment a decentralized anticipation bazaar congenital on the Ethereum blockchain. Augur allows you to anticipation contest and be adored for admiration them correctly.

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