Blockchain-Based Project ORB to Offer Cross-Gaming Capability 

Blockchain-Based Project ORB to Offer Cross-Gaming Capability 

THELOGICALINDIAN - EverdreamSoft and IndieSquare accept appear a new collaborative accomplishment alleged Activity ORB Launching on Friday Sept 16 The activity uses blockchain technology to accredit the use and barter of ingame items beyond altered titles

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Project ORB

The Book of Orbs Project ORBAs allotment of their accomplishment to accomplish blockchain technology a mainstay in the gaming industry, EverdreamSoft joined-up with IndieSquare to “bring players accurate buying over agenda gaming assets,” according to Markéta Korteova, business administrator at EverdreamSoft.

Project ORB is the latest aggregation accomplishment amid the two companies who accept been alive calm for the accomplished ages or so amalgam blockchain technology into adaptable and trading agenda games.

ORB, an acronym for “Ownership Revolution on the Blockchain,” is a arrangement that “tokenizes” in-game items. It allows them to be traded beyond the Bitcoin blockchain via Counterparty. Alike more, the tokenized bold assets can be acclimated beyond assorted amateur as well, alike simultaneously, according to Korteova.

Tokens will be cataloged and managed via “The Book of Orbs,” a adaptable appliance for Android and iOS that will affectation a player’s “ORBs.” The interface will be “optimized for gaming,” according to EverdreamSoft. The app additionally appearance an “ORB market,” area users can barter their tokenized bold assets with added people.

An added functionality, and a acceptable archetype of the cross-gaming capability, is the Book of Orbs “Lucky Draw” bold for Force of Will (FoW) players. Users can tokenize FoW’s proprietary “Will Power Points,” creating a Counterparty asset alleged “WILLCOIN.” This badge can again be put into the Lucky Draw game, area players can barter one WILLCOIN for a accidental FoW arena card.

Video bold anchorman and analyst Tyson O’Ham said Project ORB looks like a able trading belvedere “for bodies added absorbed in cards than crypto.”

He said the belvedere will acceptable acquaintance the best success in adaptable markets, back “Steam agenda asset trading is already too accepted for the boilerplate [desktop gaming] bazaar to be disrupted.”

O’Ham additionally speculated that ORB assets could alike account gamers afterwards their basic amateur abound dried and lose popularity.

“The actuality that a bold can die and you can compensate your losses on it is added than you can say for annihilation abroad on the market,” said O’Ham.

EverdreamSoft said they plan to assignment with IndieSquare to accompany added amateur to the platform.

“We adopt to accept affection amateur on-board, so all the participants can account from the belvedere effect,” said Korteova, who explained the “platform effect” as a abnormality in which players from one bold alteration ORBs to another, so added players can see them and be apparent to a new appellation or gaming experience.