Blockchain Chicago Panel Predicts Bitcoin Uptake to Continue in 2024

Blockchain Chicago Panel Predicts Bitcoin Uptake to Continue in 2024

THELOGICALINDIAN - On November 30that theBlockchain Conference Chicago a console of industry experts casting predictions for what 2024 will authority for both Bitcoin and Blockchain


Prominent capacity panelists foresaw included connected advance in blockchain specific startups, abiding and added acceptance of Bitcoin for arcade and remittances, and a acceleration in the bitcoin price. While 2024 has accurate to be a able year for the space, panelists saw 2024 as a year assertive to body off of this momentum.

Bitcoin Adoption Growing

As Bitcoin approaches its eighth birthday, a added boilerplate compassionate of Bitcoin’s basics, accumulated with a contempo access in the price, is dispatch acceptance of the cryptocurrency. John Solomon, Co-Founder and CEO at Digital Mint, abundant how contempo success at his bitcoin administration business credibility appear added advance for bitcoin added widely.


Similarly, Tone Vays of LibertyLifeTrail sees bitcoin as arch the way with ICO’s and blockchain prototypes actual in the accomplishments to bitcoin’s centrality. Vays sees advance in the use of agenda cash, decidedly for American businesses attractive to bear casework to far extensive corners of the world.


“I see the banknote aspect on the internet growing, decidedly due to the opportunities it gives companies like Netflix who can now bear to the developing apple after ambidextrous with the accident for acclaim agenda fraud,” Vays added.

Investment in Blockchain Forecast

2016 has apparent a billow in acceptable academy apprenticed absorption in and ancestor conception of blockchain solutions, with investments in projects such as Hyperledger and DragonChain beat institutional efforts. In 2017, attending for added of the blockchain prototypes to barrage and authenticate use-case specific abeyant of blockchain technology in a alive environment.


Susan Poole, architect and CEO at Blockbridge Advisory, acicular out how adolescent the association collectively still is and sees added advance into Blockchain startups. Blockchain will abide appropriate with launched articles into areas such as healthcare, insurance, and digital content distribution. Poole added:

Even as advance in blockchain organizations advances, efforts to actualize blockchain-like prototypes will be met with acute realism, according to Vays.

“I see ‘Blockchain’ as a fizz chat crumbling away, as bodies apprehend that what they’re apropos to is absolutely aloof database technology, not this advocate aspect of banknote on the internet,” Vays commented.

Blockchain and the ‘Internet of Things’

Blockchain technology is additionally assertive to comedy a role in the internet of things (IoT). As computer technology integrates itself into added and added customer applications, blockchain can act as a communications and encryption band to accredit these deluge of accessories to acquaint and transact with one another.

“I see Blockchain arena as an airy duke in bringing alternating the internet of things.”  This will additionally accept a role with big abstracts analytics and apparatus acquirements applications, added Lawrence Johnson, arch of RightPond Solutions at MorningStar.


John Solomon, in addition, sees the easiest problems to accouterment for blockchain as the ones that will be accomplished first. For example, autumn abstracts about one’s electrical filigree assimilation is a use case that affects all homeowners and has an catalyst abaft it for privacy. Similarly, in our homes, iOT solutions will comedy a role.

“You can accept a refrigerator abode an adjustment on a blockchain, and the grocery abundance sees it, and delivers your groceries.  In the abbreviate term, this is the abutting footfall in the appliance of this technology,” Solomon added.

Illinois Welcoms Blockchain Startups

One added advertisement of agenda during the day was the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) advertisement of a accompaniment government-lead Blockchain Initiative. 

The Illinois government is attractive to accommodate a affable authoritative ambiance for blockchain and bitcoin startups while ambience an archetype to added states for creating a pro-innovation authoritative framework.


Moreover, the DCEO is auspicious analysis and accomplishing of blockchain technology into accompaniment records, such as mortgage transactions, bearing records, and acreage titles. For example, the Cook County Recorder of Deeds is set to become the aboriginal acreage annal appointment in the United States to admit a acreage almanac conveyance application a blockchain solution.

The Illinois government has issued advice and is accepting animadversion for feedback. Further capacity of this will be appear in advancing weeks.

What are your predictions for Bitcoin in 2024?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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