Can an Increase in the Block Size Push the Bitcoin Price Higher?

Can an Increase in the Block Size Push the Bitcoin Price Higher?

THELOGICALINDIAN - Following a fasten that brought the bitcoin pricebeyond the 600 mark the bazaar briefly stood at 626 afore bottomward to 619 A little black but bitcoin is still bigger off than area it was aloof a few weeks ago and the bill is assuming no signs of slowing bottomward in the advancing days

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Bitcoin Price and Scalability

Image aftereffect for roger verOne analyst writes:

According to one source, airy bitcoin advocate Roger Ver is at it again, claiming that bitcoin will eventually ability a account of $100,000. A adventurous account indeed, but Ver joins several boilerplate abstracts and suggesting an access in block size, although the affairs of a abeyant access aren’t as simple as they look:

At aboriginal glance, it would arise that a block admeasurement access would allegedly account the bitcoin amount to drop. Increasing something’s accommodation alone makes it beyond and added attainable to everyone. The aberration it already bedevilled dissipates, forth with levels of its value.

But as the contempo halving has shown, this isn’t consistently true. Everyone was assertive that the halving would account bitcoin to accurately acceleration above the $1,000 mark afterwards the “aid” of bazaar manipulation. Not alone did this not occur, but an attack on Bitfinex was all it took to account the amount to bore rapidly anon after. The approach of admeasurement appears solid back in actuality, it tends to be circumstantial.

Either way, the chat is out that bitcoin is ascent to the top, and will acceptable do so for some time:

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