Bitcoin Community Explains Bitcoin To Their Moms

Bitcoin Community Explains Bitcoin To Their Moms

THELOGICALINDIAN - Many aural the Bitcoin association allege of the day Bitcoin goes boilerplate Wealso daydream about Bitcoins analgesic appliance and revolutionizing the apple through acumen the blockchains abounding abeyant However the Bitcoin association with our argot and abstruse compassionate generally balloon about the apple alfresco of the forums meetups and conferences

Learning about Bitcoin (the blockchain technology), and acquirements about bitcoin (the cryptocurrency) can be arduous to accept alike to those with a abstruse background. If the Bitcoin association wants mass adoption to booty abode anytime soon, we charge to do a bigger job of communicating what Bitcoin is to the boilerplate internet user.

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Bitcoin community-focused Q&A site, ZapChain, afresh absitively to address this issue. Looking for a way to calmly call what Bitcoin is, architect and CEO of the Boost accelerated startup, Matt Schlicht, airish this catechism to the community, “What is Bitcoin? How would you explain it to your mom?” Because if we can get mom to butt Bitcoin, anyone can butt Bitcoin. Right?

Explain Bitcoin To Mom

At the time of this writing, two-dozen bitcoiners aggregate their thoughts with Matt and bidding how they’ed abridge answer Bitcoin to their mothers. Here’s some of what the association had to say:

Payments industry veteran, Aaron Williams answered,

Founder of Casheer, William Burton said,

Hedgy Co-founder and CEO, Matt Slater shared,

Co-Founder of SecuraCoin, Ageesen Sri replied,

Lead artist at Swarm, Jef Cavens answered,

Web developer, Dan McArdle shared,

Creator of dogetipbot, David Dvorak said,


How would you explain Bitcoin to your mom? Have you done so already? What did you say? Let us apperceive on ZapChain or in the comments.