Aave Launches Social Media Project Lens Protocol With Over 50 Apps Built on Polygon

Aave Launches Social Media Project Lens Protocol With Over 50 Apps Built on Polygon

THELOGICALINDIAN - The blockchain close Aave has launched the Lens Protocol a amusing media activity with applications congenital on the Polygon blockchain Lens is agnate to the amusing media belvedere Twitter but Lens profiles are affiliated to a nonfungible badge NFT that can be ported into decentralized applications

Lens Protocol Is Live – Aave Founder Believes People Are ‘Ready for a Better Social Media Experience’

On Wednesday, the blockchain aggregation Aave appear that the Lens Protocol is now alive and almost 50 applications accept debuted on the platform. Aave aboriginal revealed the Lens Protocol during the aboriginal anniversary of February 2022 and the aboriginal applications are congenital on top of the Polygon network.

Stani Kulechov, CEO and architect of Aave Companies said the contempo Twitter ordeal with Elon Musk shows that bodies are attractive for article altered than the bounden amusing media platforms. “The amusing media acquaintance has remained almost banausic for the aftermost decade, and abundant of that is due to your agreeable actuality alone endemic by a company, which locks your amusing arrangement aural one platform,” Kulechov said in a account beatific to Bitcoin.com News.

The Aave architect added:

Lens Boasts 50 Social Applications and Creator Monetization Tools Built on Polygon

The 50 applications congenital on Lens covers amusing applications to architect monetization tools, the advertisement notes. Lens users that accept already minted their NFT contour can admission any of the applications such as Peerstream, Lenster, Swapify, Spamdao, and more. “Building a Web3 amusing media belvedere on Lens Protocol has opened up a new branch of possibilities for our development aggregation and users,” @yoginth.eth the architect of lenster.xyz remarked during the announcement.

Lens Protocol will accommodate users with the foundations to advantage abounding buying over their “profile, content, and relationships” while active into any decentralized application. G.Money, the NFT filmmaker and creator, abundant that lens will empower the platform’s userbase. “An accessible amusing blueprint will acquiesce creators and brands to absolutely own agreeable administration and their audiences in a absolutely multi-platform way. Lens empowers belvedere best and opens up added audiences through absolute creator/brand-community relationships,” the NFT filmmaker said.

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