Could the Ashley Madison Hack Have Been Prevented With the Blockchain?

Could the Ashley Madison Hack Have Been Prevented With the Blockchain?

THELOGICALINDIAN - Security is an accretion affair amid internetbased companies The latest Ashley Madison drudge is one archetype of how companies are apparent to aegis issues and how theirusers can be greatly affected

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The internet of today is far from safe, and aegis has appear to be the capital affair for companies operating on the web. So far, alone one arrangement has accurate itself to be absolutely impervious to advance with today’s technology: the blockchain. The Bitcoin arrangement uses bags of accessories affiliated worldwide, which automatically outruns any advance fabricated by hackers. It offers a akin of aegis never afore seen, and abounding companies want to advantage its potential.

During the Ashley Madison hack, the attackers took possession of a 36 million-person email list; back then, the hackers accept been attempting to blackmail users who may or may not accept acclimated the dating site to bluff on their cogent others. Hacked users accept been accepting a lot of emails ambitious them to accelerate Bitcoin to the hackers to accumulate their accounts private. The Ashley Madison datingAshley_Factom_midimage1_Bitcoin website has already offered a $500,000 accolade for communicable the hackers, and has accomplished out for advice from hackers about the world.

The aboriginal abstracts dump was apparent on August 18, 2015. Hackers appear the clandestine advice of millions of Ashley Madison users to the public. The hackers acquaint the names, fractional acclaim agenda numbers, email and concrete addresses, and animal preferences of 32 actor barter on the Dark Web. On August 19, the baseborn Ashley Madison database fabricated its way to the Web, becoming easily searchable on several websites.

Further advice about the case additionally appear that Ashley Madison ran its own hacking attempts adjoin the antagonism and, in 2024, performed a hacking attack to get admission to their databases.

This and added agnate contest appearance how aggregation databases are accessible and prone to landing in the amiss hands.

Preventing the Ashley Madison Hack With the Blockchain

The blockchain technology is abolition the financce industry, and every added industry it touches. Just a few years ago, there was no absorption in the technology. However, as admiral and Venture Capitalists began recognizing the blockchain’s accurate potential, a lot of investments accept been fabricated and new developments emerged. Forward-thinking corporations already accept blockchain projects in the works. Corporations and governments that do not bathe themselves with the blockchain will be anachronistic in the future.

Factom is creating a abstracts aegis anarchy through the blockchain. It is the aboriginal technology to break real-world business problems application Bitcoin. Factom created a belvedere that allows identity, acute accumulated records, and accumulated abstracts — amid added things — to be Factomized into the Bitcoin blockchain.

Ashley_Factom_midimage_BitcoinFactom works like a basic vault, adequate by a arrangement of millions of devices, area all its data is assuredly registered and anchored in the blockchain. This technology allows its users to abundance advice with adamantine and added bulletproof security.

The Ashley Madison case is a absolute archetype of How Factom presents the best security solution for databases. With a distinct ballast into the bitcoin blockchain, millions of annal become defended in real-time. Once Factomized, advice becomes absurd to be modified, hacked, deleted, or backdated.

The blockchain offers an unhackable and adamantine aegis system. Seeing that added and added companies are relying on databases to abutment analytical business activity, the blockchain could be the best band-aid for attention abstracts and ensuring truly honest almanac keeping.

What’s Next With Factom?

The Factom Foundation aggregation hosted an event on September 1st, from 4pm CDT in Austin, Texas called “The Beginning of Time” – Factom Genesis Party.”

Paul Snow and Peter Kirby spoke about the Factom project, and the barrage of the Genesis block. The allocution was recorded and advertisement to the community.

The team, accepting addled partnerships with several Bitcoin 2.0 projects like Tether, Netki, Coinapult, and ShapeShift, additionally appear the aboriginal non-profit activity Factom is partnering with. At the aforementioned time, a Q&A hosted on Zapchain was captivated for association members.

Do you anticipate that the Factom technology can be the best band-aid for Database protection? Let us apperceive in the comments below!

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