Ashley Madison Users Come to for Help

Ashley Madison Users Come to for Help

THELOGICALINDIAN - As an ambassador for the Bitcoincom Facebook folio I see all the admission mail beatific to us and notifications through the pages appliance We accept aloof started architecture this new folio and our cardinal of followers has added absolutely a bit Our Facebook folio is advised to highlight Bitcoincom and its array of sections like account our appointment and educational assets The purpose of Bitcoincom is to appearance the apple how amazing the Bitcoin agreement is by giving examples of itsfeatures through abstract and accepted contest This accomplished anniversary through our Facebook folio we accustomed some odd letters and annotation As a account and educational advertisement wed like to abode these messages

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Last week, I accustomed a notification from a accidental being who did not chase our page. The bulletin read: Do you accept any acquaintance info?  I’ve been accepting extortion emails to drop into bitcoin accounts, and I anticipate it should be addressed.” Now, this affectionate of bulletin bent me by surprise. Typically, we get frequently asked questions on the assorted aspects of bitcoin — mostly in commendations to affairs the currency. Interested in what he had to say, I started some chat with the man, saying, “Who are they advancing from and why accept you been accepting them?” Messages seemed to lag a little, but I waited and assuredly he replied:

Suddenly, I had a bond of the adventure about how Ashley Madison associates had their claimed advice stolen, and were actuality extorted. I acquainted appealing bad for the guy, as I’m abiding he was activity amenable for his decisions — abnormally afterwards autograph “please don’t adjudicator me.” So I connected speaking with the alone and asked him, “So they are blackmailing you how? Are they aggressive to acquaint bodies about your account?” He didn’t acknowledge to the question, but beatific a screenshot of the email.

Ashley-Madison-mainThe email was identical to all the added various reports of the aforementioned extortion situations, minus the bitcoin addresses and the bulk to be sent. I’ve apparent bribery belletrist online through abounding media outlets capricious from 1 bitcoin to 10 , and all of them say the bulk access afterwards the aboriginal 24 hours.

The aboriginal affair that comes to my apperception is how abhorrent it is that bitcoin is conflated with these crimes, as if it’s the agenda currency’s fault. However, acts like these taint the cryptocurrency’s angel due to the boilerplate media’s assuming of these events.

12084812_1016885551675735_1779820869_oI asked him again, this time a little differently, “Do you use Bitcoin? Or do you anticipate it’s alone affiliated to your Ashley Madison account.?” He replied, “I do not use bitcoin. I didn’t alike apperceive what bitcoin was until about 12 hours ago.”  Again, I acquainted appealing bad that the aboriginal time this man heard about bitcoin was through an act of extortion. I told him, “Ok. I’m apologetic this has happened to you. Its adverse they accept acclimated bitcoin as a agency to blackmail you. This adventure has been in the press, and bodies apperceive about it.” I larboard him a articulation to area he could see that the media and authorities were able-bodied acquainted of these cases. Then he said article that showed how new he was to Bitcoin: “I assumption my catechism is…  Why don’t you append these bitcoin accounts?” So I told him that no one controls the Bitcoin network, it’s not a company, and those accounts could not be suspended.

Having accomplished that he wasn’t abreast about the currency, I beatific him an educational video and anticipation to myself: “He thinks that we are ‘Bitcoin’!”  So I explained to him that we were aloof a accumulation of amorous crypto-lovers that advance bitcoin account and advice and this Facebook folio was not at all Bitcoin’. Later in the evening, this adumbration of anticipation came aback to me; some bodies may anticipate that is the official adumbrative or “owner” of Bitcoin. It occurred to me back we accustomed addition bulletin — this time anon on our timeline — from addition who was appealing upset:

ssaaAt, we are actual apologetic that these bodies accept to go through this affectionate of extortion. Blackmail is absolutely a aching crime. We don’t endorse these activities, and achievement accomplishments like these cease in the future, but that’s above our control. What we can do is action to advise bodies about Bitcoin and its assorted absolute aspects.

Bitcoin is a bill that gives individuals absolute ability abaft their money, rather than agreement them at the benevolence of centralized entities. It is the alone anatomy of bill that is accessible source, decentralized and absolutely peer-to-peer. This agency that there is no distinct actuality in allegation of the protocol, it’s not a aggregation or organization. Banknote and acclaim cards get baseborn all the time. If you were mugged on the street, you don’t get banknote back, and the alone acumen acclaim cards accord it aback online is because they allegation you for it already. When your acclaim cards are baseborn the thieves, additionally get your identification and  Bitcoin is a arresting cryptographic arrangement accomplishment and has bigger offerings than banknote or acclaim cards. It’s not “Crime Proof”; I’m not abiding there’s a money arrangement out there that is. With this said, we anticipate it’s abominable that bodies are actuality extorted, but we are not Bitcoin, nor do we ascendancy it.  

bitcoin_com_png_logo_250_x_250We like to advance Bitcoin and its admirable uses with our visuals and accounting media — and that’s what we are actuality for. is a association endemic and apprenticed by amorous bodies who adulation the agenda currency. We would like to allure anybody to our folio to apprentice about the basic money and its latest news. Our forums are for agenda bill admirers both newbies and veterans who ambition to antipodal in an uncensored environment. Lastly, if you are already a fan of our armpit acknowledgment afresh for endlessly by!

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