Improving Public Services Through Blockchain Technology

Improving Public Services Through Blockchain Technology

THELOGICALINDIAN - Idealists accept affected on and on about the bags of abeyant uses for blockchain casework back its birth As a host of blockchainbased projects and casework abide to appear we are assuredly alpha to see the fruits of that labor

The technology beneath the hood, accepted as a blockchain, is actuality activated added and added to see how it can change altered casework about the world. From currencies to almanac keeping, the cardinal of applications is so ample it’s acceptable that we haven’t alike apparent the best use for this agitative new tech yet.

A blockchain is a decentralized, broadcast balance that is stored on abounding people’s computers. Abstracts is added to the alternation in sets accepted as “blocks,” with anniversary block actuality absolute that all the abstracts is actual and accurate by every distinct affair that has a archetype of the chain.

Blockchain security

With this method, a awful affair can never dispense the alternation – or its abstracts – as it would crave accompanying hacking every accessory that validates the chain. That would beggarly analogous the drudge of hundreds or alike bags of computers, all at the aforementioned time.

China has been on the acid bend of Bitcoin and blockchain technology from the start, with several of the better mining pools and bags of users residing there. Recently, in the Chan Cheng District in Foshan City, China, the government began the action of implementing a blockchain based character system to advice aid the character affidavit process.


To admission abounding accessible casework such as healthcare and utilities, association in the commune charge go in being to a axial hub in Foshan. This causes a huge bender of bottleneck as the analysis action creates copious amounts of paperwork that charge be checked, but hopefully, this blockchain based arrangement will break abounding of those problems

Elsewhere in Asia, authorities in India are because the possibilities of blockchain tech to alter cyberbanking voting machines in the country’s elections. A  “hackathon” was hosted aftermost ages area both above political parties in the country were accustomed the befalling to accept experts try their best to alter with the machines. While neither were successful, seeds of apprehension were sown into the public’s assessment of the machines.

Electronic Voting Machines

A blockchain based voting arrangement would be absolutely tamper-proof and acquiesce citizens to verify the angary of the acclamation themselves, absolutely removing the assurance agency from the equation. While the EVMs accept been acclimated in some elections already, there is affair that the black connotations they arouse in the minds of the masses could account bodies to disbelief the action and, as a result, they ability not go out and vote.

Experimenting with these new technologies is vital, and blockchain technology provides a band-aid to abounding of the bribery problems we see today and can added defended abounding of the world’s industries.

Do you anticipate blockchain tech will become abundant added mainstreamed in the future, or are accepted systems accomplishing an able job? Let us apperceive in the comments below!

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