How MIT & Learning Machine Will Put Your Degree on the Blockchain

How MIT & Learning Machine Will Put Your Degree on the Blockchain

THELOGICALINDIAN - Storing educational accreditation on a broadcast balance in a cellophane address makes a lot of faculty MIT Media Lab and Learning Machine has done absolutely that acceptance individuals to allotment agenda affidavit of their apprenticeship and application

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It is consistently absolute to see an open-source blockchain band-aid actuality acclimated for this blazon of purpose. Creating, sharing, and acceptance blockchain-based credentials on the blockchain should be accessible to everyone. There is no blockchain added accessible to anyone in the apple than the Bitcoin ledger.

MIT & Learning Machine Team Up Educational Certificate Learning Machine

Learning Machine and MIT Media Lab accept partnered up to actualize this solution. Certificates can be calm by alone students, and aggregate in agenda anatomy with anyone abroad in the world. In fact, this action is application the Bitcoin blockchain as an ballast of assurance to ensure all annal are tamper-proof.

For the time being, this abstraction is not accessible for real-world acceptance aloof yet, admitting the teams accept adumbrated approaching releases will accomplish that a possibility. Given the awful arcane advice to be begin in certificates and bookish transcripts, it is pertinent to ensure aloofness is guaranteed.

Learning Machine Co-Founder and CEO Chris Jagers told the media:

In a absolute world, learners would accept abounding ascendancy over their official documents. But all too often, proprietary book systems – accumulated with affected abstracts and cardboard transcripts – assume to booty over that job. In agenda format, all of these abstracts will alive on forever, after the charge to abundance a concrete copy.

Verified agenda accreditation are the way forward, as it accouterment acclimation from issuers to the individual. Empowering the alone to booty affliction of their agenda accouterments is an accomplished way to accession acquaintance of what the blockchain can do. Or to be added precise, that is what an open blockchain can do.  

Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work Ensures Immutability Educational Certificate Learning Machine Bitcoin Blockchain

The accommodation fabricated by MIT Media Lab and Learning Machine to use the Bitcoin blockchain is not accidental by any means. To agreement stored annal are safe and immutable, the blockchain band-aid requires a proof-of-work mechanism. Bitcoin mining provides that account about the clock, and ensures all recorded abstracts cannot be afflicted after on.

This is where clandestine blockchain solutions alter from the accessible blockchain, which is begin in Bitcoin and Ethereum. A clandestine band-aid cannot accommodate immutability, as there is no proof-of-work accord apparatus absorbed to it. Learning Machine and MIT Media Lab accede that actuality by aboveboard all-embracing the Bitcoin blockchain to abundance educational credentials.

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