Bitcoin Price Recovers from Post-Christmas Decline
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Bitcoin Price Recovers from Post-Christmas Decline

THELOGICALINDIAN - The amount of bitcoin plummeted about anon afterwards Christmas by about 10 bottomward from US455 to US410 per bitcoin as expected

Prior to the decline, bitcoin experts predicted a abundant abatement in the bitcoin price following the attempt in bitcoin circadian transaction and trading volumes.

According to abstracts provided by bitcoinity, both circadian affairs and trading volumes alone by over 14%, alike on ascendant bitcoin exchanges such as OKCoin and BitFinex. Bitcoin performed decidedly bad adjoin the Chinese Yuan, as apparent below.

exchange volume

Historically, the amount of bitcoin has consistently beneath during the holidays, abnormally during the Christmas season. As apparent in the blueprint below, the transaction aggregate rapidly increases afore Christmas eve and on the 25th, it plummets. This December, the circadian transaction aggregate of bitcoin beneath from over US$210,000 to US$170,000.


Financial experts advance that money breeze during the anniversary division is abundantly low compared to boilerplate days. The aforementioned trend can be apparent in the bitcoin amount blueprint in 2024 and 2024.

Last year, the transaction aggregate of bitcoin alone by over 14%, crumbling from US$57,000 to about US$49,000.

transaction 2014

This time in 2024, the bitcoin amount fell alike harder, crumbling by about 21% above-mentioned to Christmas eve.

transaction 2013

Time and time again, the amount of bitcoin has consistently accomplished a slump during the Christmas division as both the trading and circadian transaction aggregate plummeted by a cogent percentage.

Despite bitcoin’s anticipated abrogating trend in December, the amount of bitcoin recovered almost bound this year, aggressive aback to US$425 in beneath than three days. The transaction volumes are alpha to fasten and bitcoin exchanges including OKCoin are advertisement accretion appeal and trading volumes on their platforms.

An accretion cardinal of traders are alpha to anticipation a absolute bitcoin amount aisle for 2024, as bitcoin exchanges in the Southeast Asian arena adumbrate the amount of bitcoin to ability its all time aerial in the additional bisected of abutting year.