Barrage of DDoS Attacks Bring Down ProtonMail; $6K in BTC Ransom Paid
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Barrage of DDoS Attacks Bring Down ProtonMail; $6K in BTC Ransom Paid

THELOGICALINDIAN - Secure mail account provider ProtonMail has afresh appear beneath renewed DDoS advance and the email account has gone offline inconveniencing its users This is yet addition highprofile case involving Bitcoin bribe which has appear to light


The mail account was created to ensure the assurance and aloofness of the users but in a rather abnormal accident it is now adverse an aberrant claiming as it came beneath abiding and advancing DDoS attacks which began on November 3rd, 2024.

In a account blue-blooded DDoS Update it alike requested experts to advice in the afterward words:

If you or addition you apperceive has acquaintance with mitigating action akin DDOS attacks, we acceptable your expertise.”

In addition statement, ProtonMail declared the advance as aberrant in admeasurement and ambit and additionally said that now it will accept to resort to big-ticket solutions which will be a accountability on its finances.  Therefore, it is now requesting donations for its ProtonMail Defense Fund. At this time of writing, ProtonMail has aloft $14k of its $50k target.

As per account letters by Forbes and The Guardian, 15 Bitcoin or about $6,066 accept been paid in ransom.

Terming the operation as a “cyberattack” the email account said that it is alive with the Swiss Governmental Computer Emergency Response Team (GovCERT), the Cybercrime Coordination Unit Switzerland (CYCO) and Europol, as allotment of an advancing bent investigation.

Further, it appear that it had accustomed a bribery email on 3rd November from a accumulation of criminals, which, it said, were actuality captivated amenable for a cord of DDOS attacks which had happened beyond Switzerland in the aftermost few weeks.

Due to the burden put by the third parties to pay the bribe and restore the system, ProtonMail agreed and at 3:30 Pm Geneva time a bribe was paid to the Bitcoin address: 1FxHcZzW3z9NRSUnQ9Pcp58ddYaSuN1T2y.

However, the attacks accumulate on happening.

Later, the aboriginal set of criminals, who extorted the Bitcoin ransom, wrote aback and denied that they were abaft this barbarous beachcomber of attacks.

Calling the additional date as the added circuitous advance as it targeted anemic credibility in the basement of the ISPs, it acclaimed that such attacks accept not been empiric in any added contempo attacks on Swiss companies.

In short, ProtonMail was acceptable attacked by two abstracted groups, and the additional accumulation apparent capabilities which are bedevilled frequently by state-sponsored actors.