Blockchain Conference participants discussed blockchain & Crypto
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Blockchain Conference participants discussed blockchain & Crypto

THELOGICALINDIAN - On May 19 the Czech basic hosted the better appointment on agenda currencies and blockchain Blockchain Bitcoin Appointment Prague 15 speakers from 8 countries 300 participants in absolute discussed the development of cryptocurrencies blockchain projects in Fintech and Govtech as able-bodied as aldermanic challenges

Business & community

Open blockchain systems for business were discussed during the address of the CEO and architect of Waves Platform, Sasha Ivanov (Russia). The presented account is advised for agenda ethics emission, assets trading application blockchain, and crowdfunding. The apostle covered such issues as arrangement scaling, access of a block admeasurement and advance of the accomplished arrangement efficiency.

Ronny Boesing (Denmark), the CEO at decentralized amassed Openledger, talked about trading, advance and crowdfunding on the base of this platform.

The challenges of the business association were covered by the buyer of Euro Tech Startups and co-founder of Adel, Gabriel Dusil (Czech Republic). He appear about the accumulation of a able association and blockchain ecosystem.

The issues accompanying to the development of agenda currencies in the cyberbanking area and authoritative action of the European Union were appear by the absolute expert, specialist in e-payments in the Single Europe Payment Area (SEPA), Ugo Bechis (Italy).

Blockchain in application sector

Alternative appliance of the blockchain, in recruiting and job analytic was covered by the arch of BitWage, Forbes columnist, Jonathan Chester (USA). The company, which he heads, is the all-embracing account for analytic alien assignment and advisers that additionally allows administration to pay salaries in bitcoins after circuitous abstruse innovations.

The admirers abstruse how blockchain helps to verify the resume and analysis applicant’s reputation, as able-bodied as how to abstain accidental transaction costs back advantageous salaries to alien employees.

Data protection

The address of the Crypviser representative, Sergey Sidorov (Germany) was committed to the aegis of advice and confidentiality. He talked about the weaknesses of advice channels, the capital means of interception of abstracts and the means to automate advice alteration with the advice of blockchain.


A abstracted affair of the appointment was mining of crypto-currencies. This area featured the letters of such experts as the adumbrative of Genesis Mining, Rodrigo Balam (Germany), who presented a allusive assay of home and automated mining, and the actor of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine, Andriy Dubetsky (Ukraine). Andriy batten about the advantage of today’s mining and the array of mining hardware.

Blockchain in activity sector

Decentralization of the activity basement was covered in the presentations of the co-founder of, Ian Warrall (Czech Republic) and one of the founders of SolarChange Assaf ben Or (Germany). The admirers abstruse about the development of renewable activity systems and alive to the new types of activity with the advice of blockchain.

Ian Worrall additionally focused on the alternation of blockchain and bogus intelligence, as able-bodied as on the advantages of decentralization.

Blockchain adjoin corruption

The absolute developer Oleg Kudrenko (Ukraine) batten about the anti-corruption abeyant of the blockchain technology. He gave arguments for the actuality that base admiral charge be replaced by the decentralized services.

Demo zone

Together with the conference, there was an exhibition of crypto equipment, software and accompanying services.

The articles were presented by HashCoins, the accouterments manufacturer, Waves Platform, the account for captivation crowdfunding campaigns, Solvena, the crypto-currency broker, Crypviser, the encryption arrangement developer, Polybius Bank. the avant-garde bank, and several added brands.

Organizer of the accident is Smile-Expo, the aggregation that holds blockchain conferences in bristles countries: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Sweden, Russia and Ukraine. The abutting contest for decentralized abridgement supporters will be captivated in St. Petersburg on June 22 and Stockholm on September 7.