NewsBTC Interviews Ronny Boesing from CCEDK, OpenLedger and OBITS
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NewsBTC Interviews Ronny Boesing from CCEDK, OpenLedger and OBITS


We had beforehand interviewed Ronny Boesing, the CEO of CCEDK. In that interview, he explained about the origins of CCEDK and how he got fatigued into the cryptocurrency sector. A lot of things accept happened with CCEDK aback then, including the contempo barrage of OBITS, an OpenLedger based crypto-token. So, actuality we are aback with Ronny to apperceive about the latest account from central CCEDK and OpenLedger.

NewsBTC:  CCEDK has been in the account a lot lately, abnormally about the barrage of OBITS and how it is altered from added cryptotokens? Can u amuse busy a bit about that?

Ronny: Unlike added cryptocurrencies, OBITS is based on profits generated from companies that are complex in authoritative OpenLedger the adopted trading belvedere for crypto-traders, boilerplate Wall Street appearance brokers and traders who are absorbed in authoritative that aftermost 10% of portfolio into article amazing on a continued appellation basis, which differentiates amid abundant success or failure.

In adjustment to accretion a bigger compassionate of OpenLedger I would advance you to go through this baby adventure on this link.

It is a adventure based on what will be accessible in the advancing months. In the advancing months we will be introducing a authorization aperture with KYC based whitelisting. Only accurate users will be able to use this aperture as able-bodied as the accessible authorization called crypto NanoCard. Once this activity is absolutely implemented, it is acceptable to accomplish bags of affairs per month. The activity has already become a accepted ability and it is accepting absorption from beyond the world. All these affairs appear over OpenLedger decentralized belvedere which differentiates OBITS from all the added crypto-tokens.

It is a alive token, deepening with every added activity abutting the platform. The transaction fees paid by these projects serve as the life-force that helps OBITS grow. I accept that by 2024, these affectionate of projects will become accepted amid the world’s unbanked population. This is the appropriate time to advance in OBITS, those who absence this aperture ability be apologetic for not acting back they had a chance.

When I say new projects will advice OBITS grow, I assumption a bigger way is to say that it will advice OBITS abound in agreement of bulk per unit. The bulk of OBITS accessible to the accessible will about be reduced, due to the account acknowledgment and burn, appropriately abbreviation absolute supply. Eventually you will see a bound cardinal of owners of OBITS (the investors assertive in befitting abutting the acceptable things in life, and alone advertise back needed) all of whom will be able to advertise a baby allotment of the actual OBITS on a account base as allotment of the acknowledgment offer. This will acquiesce anyone with OBITS to be accurate for activity based on the profits generated via the assorted acquirement streams of OpenLedger.

NewsBTC: Which are the added decentralized projects that contributes its profits to OBITS?

Ronny: In adjustment to accord a bigger idea, let me explain the accomplished action clearly. Imagine OBITS to be your own coffer amid on blockchain in a decentralized environment, area you are able to administer your funds application your clandestine keys. (The affection is already functional. All affairs accident over this coffer carries a transaction fee of 10-15 cents depending on the cryptocurrency BTS rate.) 100% of the fees accumulated from this coffer of castigation are added to the acquirement beck of OBITS (20% of all fees are alternate to arrangement for advancing development, so it is the 100% of the actual 80% we are talking about, which is added to OBITS) If you buy OBITS, you could say you are allotment buyer of your own bank! And the coffer is accessible 24/7 aloof for you!

The belvedere offers a advanced ambit of features, authoritative it easier to barter amid any authorization – crypto or SmartCoin combinations. Some of the accurate cryptos and assets accommodate – BTS, BTC, NBT, DOGE, PPC, DASH, NSR, SmartCoins like USD, EUR, CNY and more. Any asset traded adjoin authorization like USD, EUR and CNY are exchanged anon to and from the user annual in authorization called crypto like OpenUSD, OpenEUR, OpenCNY etc. on the abject of a set barter agency of 2-3%, accepted to be absolutely chip in January.

Minimum 50% of all trading fees are added to the acquirement beck of OBITS (minimum because of a Cryptonomex assigned architect administration the Open Assets. On top of all, the accessible avant-garde bazaar operations will accommodate but not bound to trading (long and short), anticipation markets, band markets and P2P lending in the advancing months.

It agency in approaching you can align with your employer to accept genitalia of your bacon in authorization beatific to OpenLedger, area the aperture will accept it adapted automatically adjoin a agency of 2-3% to agnate crypto to an annual on OpenLedger which is controlled alone by the user.

Withdrawal from OpenLedger account, advantageous advisers in authorization anon to their accounts is additionally accessible provided they are all accurate according to KYC procedures. (this affection is accepted to be absolutely anatomic by January 2024).

NewsBTC: Can you acknowledgment some of the important OpenLedger features?

Ronny: Some of the important appearance to the abstraction OpenLedger – Smart Trading Decentralized anon to be implemented include:

Ripple, NanoCard and PayPal are based on a absolutely operational multi-sig annual functionality on the belvedere and it is expected to be absolutely up and running come February 2024.

100% of all transaction fees and trading fees on OpenLedger in affiliation with the aloft and CCEDK issued assets in accurate  are added to the acquirement beck of OBITS.

All these affidavit makes OBITS different. These are the appearance we are attainable to allotment appropriate now. Lots added is advancing in the future, and back the aim is to accomplish OpenLedger attempt aboveboard with any of the above centralized exchanges, and eventually booty over as the No.1 best of anybody adulatory to barter in their own bank, OBITS will abound accordingly, actual abundant angry to the access of acquirement streams on – the aboriginal decentralized barter with a banking trading platform, KYC based whitelisting of authorization users, a multi crypto debit NanoCard attainable common to fiat, as able-bodied as Ripple and PayPal gateways and to tie it all up with a multi-sig account.

NewsBTC: How was the acknowledgment to obits during presale? How abundant money did CCEDK administer to accession until now as allotment of the Obits based fundraising campaign?

Ronny: It seems we managed to get a acceptable anchor on an antecedent bulk of absorbed parties, as we accept managed so far (within 1 ages or 4-5 weeks as we took off with presale on Nov. 13th) to advertise some 3,5 comminute OBITS agnate to some 600 BTC or in USD some 260K USD in today’s amount according to CMC bazaar cap, area the stats are based on sales to public, rather than what is absolutely accessible as supply. Absolute accumulation of OBITS is some 18 Million, abounding capacity accessible on our statistics folio on OBITS site, area it additionally states how much OBITS is left. It is acutely not bad at all, my own ambition is about to ability 70% of absolute accumulation accessible by the time of aboriginal acknowledgment which is 1st day of February, so the acceptable account to investors and VC allotment organizations is that it is still accessible to buy into this badge of the future, and appropriate arrange are accessible based on aggregate and charge to authority at the actual atomic until aboriginal buyback.

NewsBTC: If I accept accepted it right, OBITS are crypto-technology based shares issued/sold by CCEDK. Apart from the accumulation administration archetypal currently in abode (as mentioned in the columnist release) are there any added applications area they could appear in handy? 

Ronny: I anticipate in time OBITS will become a bazaar maker on abounding altered levels, I see OBITS arena a acute role in acknowledging the company’s approaching articles based on OpenLedger Platform.

OBITS is CCEDK’s crypto-technology based badge that connects all the acquirement streams generated from altered accoutrements of the aggregation that are based on or affiliated to OpenLedger decentralized fintech platform. OBITS is apparently the aboriginal cryptocurrency to accommodate all profits generated from the activities demography abode on a decentralized trading and barter platform. It will anon accomplish it accessible to accept burning authorization payouts anytime from anywhere beyond the apple (after validation).

Decentralized barter and authorization never assume to go duke in hand, except on OpenLedger. In the advancing months, the accession of burning about-face from user’s clandestine coffer annual on OpenLedger will accredit them to banknote out in any ATM beyond the world. We intend to advertise the affection already there is able allotment afterwards extensive the targeted 70% auction of OBITS.

NewsBTC: CCEDK has partnered with abounding companies to action a advanced ambit of appearance on its platform, what do you accept in apperception for CCEDK in the actual feature?

Ronny: I accept explained the accomplished affair during the aboriginal catechism itself, if you charge any added information, amuse let me know.

NewsBTC: Talking from the authoritative perspective, we all apperceive about the adverse contest in Paris aftermost month. There were discussions about addition of acrimonious authoritative measures on agenda bill and another acquittal systems. Has there been any cogent changes in CCEDK operations or the authoritative framework in Denmark? 

Ronny: I think, as continued as you adapt yourself in all the means accessible to abstain anyone of these bad bodies to admission authorization through you, you accept been allotment of authoritative it difficult for such bodies to backpack out their intentions. I anticipate it is actual important to accomplish it difficult for such bodies to admission funds via crypto, which will absolute their absorption in cryptocurrency and it will additionally accomplish it easier for any acknowledged authorities in approaching to booty activity back needed. We do all we can on our end to anticipate anyone like this from misusing our offerings. We will abide to do this in abutting cooperation with bounded authorities as able-bodied as the EU based crypto assignment force with annex offices in best European countries.

NewsBTC: What are the altered roles you handle in CCEDK?

Ronny: I handle best of the things at CCEDK, while the tech guys do what they are absolutely acceptable at. Everyone alive at CCEDK are aberrant in their own ways. I booty affliction of advanced office, marketing, PR etc.

NewsBTC: Any amplification affairs on the cartoon lath at this moment? 

Ronny: We do have, but cannot allotment it aloof yet.

NewsBTC: Would you like to add annihilation more? 

Ronny:  I anticipate it’s important to add that the centralized barter CCEDK and the decentralized belvedere OpenLedger works actual able-bodied calm creating a synergy not accessible for abounding to experience, and it allows us to present the best accessible solutions on OpenLedger already able-bodied activated and accurate accessible on CCEDK. I accept as such one cannot abide after the added to accomplish the best possible, as CCEDK is additionally the one accouterment the aperture to OpenLedger via fiat, Ripple, PayPal as able-bodied as NanoCard. Nobody abroad has these options like we do, authoritative us angle able in the eyes of the accessible as able-bodied as any investors we could be attractive to acceptable in the abreast future. Any absorbed parties attractive advanced to advertence themselves with OBITS, OpenLedger or CCEDK can acquaintance me at [email protected].

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