The 2024 Bitcoin Voting Guide

The 2024 Bitcoin Voting Guide

THELOGICALINDIAN - The 2024 US Presidential attack division is in abounding beat and both above parties the Democrats and the Republicans will anon be voting for the abutting admiral Where do the above candidates angle with attention to Bitcoin Which candidates are best acceptable to animate the advance of Bitcoin and which candidates will do the best to try to arrest it

See also: Enemies Of The Sharing Economy does not endorse any political candidates. The opinions bidding in this commodity accord absolutely to the author. 


Voting Guide

Before we attending at the above candidates, let’s bethink that altercation of Bitcoin has not appeared absolutely on the attack trail. We charge accumulate anniversary candidate’s position based on his or her angle apropos accompanying issues – government regulations, the Fed, coffer bailouts and debt. Information on the candidates was aggregate from their corresponding websites, as able-bodied as


Donald Trump
As is accurate with best of his positions (other than immigration), it is adamantine to apperceive area Trump would angle on Bitcoin. On the absolute side, he appears to be pro-business and accessible to new business opportunities such as Bitcoin. However, he additionally shows no abhorrence to debt spending, and like best the candidates, is not shy about application the State to beforehand his agenda. He additionally already appropriate that we try to “close up” genitalia of the Internet in adjustment to stop the acceleration of Islamic terrorism.

Ted Cruz
On the attack aisle and in his background, Cruz has generally accurate abate government and beneath regulations. Furthermore, he is a able backer of the chargeless market. However, his wife works for Goldman Sachs, and his ties to Wall Street advance that he could be bound to their interests.

Marco Rubio
Interestingly, on Marco Rubio’s donation page, you charge accede that “I am authoritative this addition application my own claimed acclaim or debit card, PayPal account, or Bitcoins, and not those of any business entity.” However, there is no way to absolutely accord application Bitcoin. Rubio is appealing abundant the burlesque of an enactment Republican, which usually agency that he promotes the “free market” but isn’t shy about application the ability of the State back he feels it necessary. On the added hand, he has alleged for the abolishment of the basic assets tax, which, as the law is currently written, would annihilate taxes on assets from Bitcoin.

Rand Paul
Rand Paul is the first, and still only, above presidential512px-US-FederalReserveSystem-Seal.svg applicant to accept Bitcoin donations. Prior to this, he admitted to actuality “fascinated by the concept” of Bitcoin. He is additionally about adjoin government action in the chargeless market, and describes his angle as “libertarianish.” He is the alone applicant to be aboveboard agnostic of the Federal Reserve, calling on the government to analysis the backstairs academy and claiming that it devalues government-issued currency. Paul has additionally been one of the few politicians to argue advancing surveillance by the NSA and added government agencies. Of all the above candidates, he appears the best acceptant to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


Hillary Clinton
It wouldNew-Logo-Vertical-Dark be adamantine to brainstorm a worse applicant than Hillary Clinton back it comes to Bitcoin. She is pro-regulation, supports coffer bailouts, and wants to abound the admeasurement and ambit of government. She is opposed to the “sharing economy” and is admiring of a massive Surveillance State.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders appears at times as the best and the affliction applicant back it comes to Bitcoin. On the one hand, he is adjoin the coffer bailouts that accept occurred in contempo years, and he is additionally actual afraid to Wall Street and accomplice capitalism. On the added hand, Sanders looks to the government as the band-aid to about all problems, and is an ardent adherent of government regulations in about every breadth of life.

Nothing has been said on the attack aisle about Bitcoin, and it is absurd that cryptocurrencies counterbalance heavily on the candidates’ minds this acclamation cycle. But with regulations such as the New York BitLicense affecting the use of Bitcoin on that state, the abutting President could accept a cogent appulse on the boilerplate accepting of Bitcoin in the advancing four years.

What do you think? Which candidates are best ill-fitted to abutment the advance of Bitcoin? Or does it matter?

Images address of corresponding attack websites, Uber, and Wikimedia Commons.