10 Bitcoin ATMs Reported Stolen Since 2024

10 Bitcoin ATMs Reported Stolen Since 2024

THELOGICALINDIAN - At atomic ten Bitcoin ATMs additionally accepted as Bitcoin transaction machines accept been appear baseborn in the aftermost two years Most afresh in a aboriginal for Canada a Lamassu Bitcoin transaction apparatus was baseborn aftermost Sunday night from its Montreal area Altogether the ten machines almost 40000 account of hardware

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Bitcoin ATM Theft In Montreal

About $40,000 in Bitcoin ATMs Stolen Since 2015

At atomic one doubtable broke into an Ahuntsic-Cartierville grocery abundance area a Lamassu-produced machine was amid on January 22 at about 10:30 PM. The thief(s) bankrupt the bottle aperture of grocer Euromarché Latina 80, amid at Laurentien Boulevard and Rue de Louisbourg, again loaded the Lamassu apparatus into a agent afore fleeing.

Lamassu adumbrative Neal Conner told Bitcoin.com: “This apparatus was accountable to a accepted advance agent adjoin acceptable ATMs: a alternation was captivated about it and a agent abject it out of the attic in which it had been anchored.” The ATM allegedly bankrupt through the grocer’s advanced doors.

Montreal has developed into somewhat of a “blockchain hub.” The city’s Bitcoin Embassy dubs itself “the world’s aboriginal blockchain technology hub.” There are 32 bitcoin machines in Montreal broadcast throughout the city. Most of them are amid in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough, area the baseborn Bitcoin ATM could be begin until aftermost night.

10 Bitcoin ATMs Reported Stolen

Bitcoin ATMs baseborn in the accomplished accommodate at atomic three added Lamassu machines, three General Bytes machines and two BitAccess machines, according to abstracts fabricated accessible to Bitcoin.com by industry advice aperture Coinatmradar.

A Lamassu apparatus amid at Village Smoke in Atlanta, operated by Coinfucius, was baseborn in an adventure in backward 2024 involving shots fired, but no injuries. The aggressor can be apparent scoping out the baby Bitcoin machine, unplugging it and accustomed it out afore a abettor fires a admonishing attempt at the arena to area off any ambitious vigilantes. See the video below:

Another Lamassu apparatus was baseborn from the Stadscafe de Waag in the Netherlands. Also, a apparatus not accessible to the accessible in the Netherlands Bitpay office, was baseborn according to Coinatmradar.

Three ATMs by General Bytes, a European-based producer, accept been stolen. One, amid in Norwalk and operated by Coinplug, was baseborn from a Boost Mobile location. Two General Bytes machines were baseborn in Dallas, both operated by ‘BTC Vending.’  One was amid in Better Bright LED Lighting, while addition at a Shell station.

Two Bitaccess machines accept been stolen in the U.S. and in Europe. One machine, operated by Easybit, was baseborn from Warie’s Thai Restaurant in the Netherlands. A second, operated by Coin Cloud, was baseborn from 1 Stop Smoke Shop Vapor and Accessories in Albuquerque.

Lamassu and Instacoin

The Bitcoin ATM industry itself is comprised of those who architecture software and accouterments applications to buy and advertise bitcoins locally (producers) and those who buy machines from producers and arrange networks of Bitcoin ATMs (operators).

With 191 machines deployed globally (not all of which are currently operational), Lamassu represents the additional better Bitcoin ATM producer in the world. The company’s operators accept bitcoin machines deployed beyond the world, including Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam, and added regions, amid in gas stations, grocery food and cafes. Operators accept “full control” of a machine’s back-end and clandestine keys.

Instacoin operated the apparatus baseborn Sunday. The Canada-based aggregation has machines deployed alone in Canada, acceptance you to buy and advertise bitcoins for Canadian dollars. Lamassu told Bitcoin.com it is alms full-support to Instacoin in the theft’s wake.

Bitcoin ATMs are a Growing Industry

Altogether, the ten Bitcoin ATMs stolen, based on Coinatmradar abstracts provided alone to Bitcoin.com, amount a lot of money. That is upwards of $40,000 account of Bitcoin ATMs baseborn back 2024, back the abstracts begins. Bitcoin transaction machines accept additionally been the victims of vandals in the midwestern area of the U.S. as of late.

Mr. Conner noted: “As Bitcoin ATMs are a growing industry, there will assuredly be added such instances as they become added widespread. With each, we and operators apprentice bigger practices for all-embracing aegis and deterrence.”

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Images address of Pascal Girard/AGENCE QMI, Atlanta Police Department

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