Abra Now Offers Deposits and Withdrawals at 60+ US Financial Institutions

Abra Now Offers Deposits and Withdrawals at 60+ US Financial Institutions

THELOGICALINDIAN - The Bitcoin payments startup Abra has been active abacus to its annual alms back Bitcoincom appear on its advance in January Abra users in the US and the Philippines can buy bitcoin via their coffer annual or with banknote The account of accurate banks has been growing fast On Thursday the aggregation appear that over 60 US banks and acclaim unions are now accurate for both deposits and withdrawals

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60 U.S. Financial Institutions Supported

Abra Now Offers Deposits and Withdrawals at 60 U.S. Banking InstitutionsAbra users amount money into the company’s smartphone app in two ways; with a coffer annual or with cash. The aggregation started alms the option to buy bitcoin via coffer accounts in aboriginal March, but alone to users in the U.S. and the Philippines. There is no fee to add, send, or abjure money from a coffer account. Initially, alone 17 U.S. banks were supported. However, on Thursday, the aggregation announced the accession of abounding added U.S. banking institutions, advertence that:

“In the U.S., these banks are accurate for abacus and abandoning funds captivated in the Abra app,” the company’s website states. At columnist time, there are 34 banks and 29 acclaim unions supported. They accommodate Bank of America, Capital One, Charles Schwab, Chase, Citibank, Commerce Bank, Fidelity, Suntrust, TD Bank, USAA, Union Bank, and Wells Fargo.

In the Philippines, abacus funds to an Abra annual can be done through alone three banks: BDO Unibank, BPI, and Unionbank. Withdrawals can be done via best above banks, according to the Abra’s website, including Bank of Commerce, Citibank, HSBC, Metrobank and Union Bank. A abounding account of accurate banking institutions for both the U.S. and the Philippines can be begin here.

Abra Now Offers Deposits and Withdrawals at 60 U.S. Financial InstitutionsWhat makes Abra unique, however, is its arrangement of animal tellers, which currently supports over 50 currencies globally. While users alfresco the U.S. and the Philippines will accept to use bitcoin to add and abjure money from the Abra wallet, a teller can accord them their bounded currency. The aggregation is currently alive to body out its teller arrangement so that users can banknote in and out from anywhere about the globe. At the end of March, the aggregation revealed that there are Abra tellers in over 100 altered cities common including over 1,500 locations in the Philippines.

Abra users in the Bitcoin association are starting to call on amusing media their adventures application the app. Reddit user “Pdubl” mentioned that he has activated out the new appearance successfully. “ACH alteration was almost quick compared to Coinbase/Glidera, about 2-3 days,” he recalled and acclaimed the new fee anatomy as well. He added:

ACH Transfer Limits, Rates, Time

Abra advertises “No alteration fees. Low barter rates” on its website. “There’s a $500 circadian absolute on ACH-based banknote loads,” the startup additionally noted. Once the money is loaded into the Abra app, users can hold, absorb and accelerate bitcoin to added Abra users anywhere in the world, as able-bodied as accept it in their own bounded currency.

Abra Now Offers Deposits and Withdrawals at 60 U.S. Financial InstitutionsThe aggregation claims to action “the atomic big-ticket ACH-based advantage for affairs bitcoin today.” At launch, it acclimated Coinbase for bitcoin amount about-face but has afresh afflicted to application Tradeblock’s XBX Index. “This will aftereffect in a about-face amount that added carefully advance the all-around boilerplate beyond institutional bitcoin exchanges,” Thursday’s advertisement reads.

Abra Now Offers Deposits and Withdrawals at 60 U.S. Financial InstitutionsIn addition, Abra is “running tests to abbreviate the bulk of time it takes to add money via coffer drop from 2-3 business canicule to 1-2 business days,” the aggregation additionally appear on Thursday. “In some cases we may crave added analysis to assure the aegis of our customers’ accounts, which could add added time.”

One of Abra’s capital goals has consistently been to jumpstart the accumulation acceptance of Bitcoin. In its contempo statements, the aggregation wrote: “Bitcoiners can now accelerate bitcoin to pay bodies after accepting to explain Bitcoin.” In addition, “they won’t alike apperceive the sender beatific them bitcoin. Recipients can again banknote out their wallet antithesis to their coffer annual in any of our accurate countries or acquisition an Abra Teller adjacent if they charge or adopt to abjure concrete cash.”

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