Bitcoin 101: A Rollicking Introduction (Part 1: The Beast, Stripped and Naked)

Bitcoin 101: A Rollicking Introduction (Part 1: The Beast, Stripped and Naked)

THELOGICALINDIAN - Bitcoin lives in the ether It is abeyant in cyberspace adhering it out with the electrons amplitude elves and added aberrant creatures It is annihilation but wisps of 0s and 1s It is arduous acuteness basement curve of abstruse cipher englishable alone to aristocratic hackers and computer punks But this abstruse affair alleged Bitcoin with all its aberancy and subtlety represents a above axis point in abstruse accomplishment and beforehand for humankind It is apparently the greatest apparatus of the avant-garde age alongside the internet but appropriate now bodies either do not accept it or they are threatened by its ability and potential

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So what REALLY is this barbarian alleged Bitcoin?

There is no simple, heuristic, or mechanistic way to explain it. Even its enthusiasts and evangelists accept agitation demystifying it in a bright and aboveboard fashion; but throughout this alternation I am activity to attack to illuminate BTC and hone in on its accurate attributes so that anybody can associate below its skirt, and get a aftertaste of what its basic looks like. A baroque and lively explanation is appropriately all-important so that the technology becomes more attainable and beneath frightening. This, then, is my ultimate goal: booty abroad abhorrence and about-face it into pleasure; about-face afterlife all-overs into bliss for life–make Bitcoin sexy. Disrobe the monster and betrayal its ample bits.

moneysedge.comBitcoin is money. It is agenda money; but in the words of BTC able Andreas Antonopoulos, “it so abundant added than that.” How adult is that? Bitcoin is a beautiful goddamn monster, for sure.

It also is referred to as cryptocurrency. It is based off of cryptographic protocols that were originally invented by government, and after alloyed by the cypherpunks in adjustment to assure bodies from government. You are thinking, “how ironic, government builds bits to spy on people, and bodies booty it and use it to assure themselves adjoin that spying.” Indeed, these government complete cryptographic codes were commandeered by geeks and mavericks. Then the geeks and mavericks angry these curve of cipher into anti-government bill and added aloofness based technology–a beautifully devilish and artful tale, truly. It reminds one of The Matrix meets the Godfather meets chaste academy boys.

Yep. Bitcoin is aloof an algorithm brought to activity by strings of cipher and bathed palms. The agreement is set up so that Bitcoin contains a balance with units that assignment as abstracts of value, like alone dollars or coins, except absolutely digital. Imagine a cardboard with marks and names advertence what bodies owed and accept paid to added people. Bitcoin is about a agenda adaptation of this ledger. The abstraction is actual old. It is simple annual and debt keeping. But Bitcoin is additionally a acquittal processor. It is like accepting money, ledger, and a coffer formed into a distinct platform. It is a barbarian with abounding appendages, advantageous for all sorts of things. is a basal archetype of how Bitcoin works back compared to a bank, so that anybody has a clearer understanding.

Imagine you accept dollars in a bank. Now brainstorm that you ARE this bank, so you accept sole clandestine admission to it. No one abroad can access it without your permission. You ascendancy what money flows in and out. You accept the adept key. You don’t accept to biking to a third-party coffer or alarm them to accept money beatific to addition or to accomplish a payment. You do it yourself, by yourself, with yourself (I know, sounds dirty). External banks are now obsolete; they are around added for the aggregate of transactions. You can accelerate your own dollars, as able-bodied as accept money from others and accumulate clue of all the transactions. You additionally do not accept to abhorrence addition abduction or freezing your accounts, like governments. These characteristics of Bitcoin put the ability aback your hands, abroad from banksters and added athirst political vampires. There is actually annihilation that ignites the loins like the abstraction of befitting money as clandestine as your sex life.

insidebitcoins.comHow does Bitcoin alter from acclaim cards? Can’t acclaim cards and online cyberbanking accomplish the aforementioned affair as cryptocurrency? These are a few basal apropos bodies accept back cerebration about accepted money. The acknowledgment is that Bitcoin far exceeds the versatility of online cyberbanking and transacting. Cryptocurrency is a animal that knows no bounds.

Unlike centrally controlled processing and online banking, Bitcoin is fully programmable on the alone level. This allows for alone ascendancy of money like never apparent before. Bitcoin wallets could potentially be set up for multi-signature authentication, area added than one being has to assurance off of a clandestine key afore sending money. It can be set up so that assertive belief accept to be met afore a key is apart and the money spent. There could alike be means to actualize a agenda bill based lottery, amid bags of added programming account that accept not alike been anticipation up yet. The options are limitless, but accommodate aggregate from arrangement arrangements, escrow services, and remittances.

The centrally controlled acquittal systems and authorization monies cannot authorize this akin of versatility, because their centrally controlled and institutionalized attributes disallows for abundant innovation. The actuality that Bitcoin is decentralized and based on a accord arrangement allows for this type of programming. Plus all the engineering nerds can get their rocks off by authoritative the money do what the hell they want. Nothing beats it.

The ambiguous barbarian alleged Bitcoin should be thoroughly disrobed. However, things are still unclear. How the hell does Bitcoin accumulate a balance for all these units? How does one accomplish faculty of that? What does it beggarly to be decentralized and peer-2-peer? In allotment 2 I will burrow into some of the specifics of Bitcoin, including decentralized networks and the Blockchain which acts as the accessible balance for Bitcoin. But for know, blow assured that that attributes of the monster has been bare naked, and he is not all that intimidating. He is gentle, albeit he can be somewhat shy. But he has one hell of a personality, abnormally back you get to apperceive him and he divulges added secrets…

Did these account advice analyze Bitcoin for you? What added means can you anticipate to advice advise cryptocurrency to the masses? 

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