Executive Orders and Reddit Censorship

Executive Orders and Reddit Censorship

THELOGICALINDIAN - Kristopher Ives is a software developer for ecommerce with a lot to say As an ardent cryptocurrency adherent and chargeless bazaar apostle Ives has consistently apparent his own Bitcoin flair

17427345-mmmainBack in April Ives publicly alleged out President Obama to appear and “arrest him” afterwards sending Edward Snowden some Bitcoin. The affront by Ives goes adjoin the presidential controlling adjustment which states it is actionable to accelerate money or acreage to those agreeable in cyber-crime activities. Edward Snowden would be on the account of so alleged “criminals” alike admitting the majority of Americans accede him a hero.

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6b386cdf2f586843fb2aef4b2c707c68In a column amid on r/bitcoin associates of the Bitcoin association apprenticed to accord to Snowden through the “Whistleblowers Relief Fund” admitting bags of donations accept been beatific to him. Well over 50 thousand dollars in Bitcoin was donated to Snowden in bald canicule afterwards the President’s order. Ives one of the aboriginal donors of the armamentarium watched attentively as columnist started to acquaintance him about what he had done. Adventure afterwards adventure was accounting about Ives with interviews done locally and on the all-embracing level. The media aberration was ceaseless for over a anniversary solid.

ModeratorAnother accountable Ives has a lot to allocution about is the censorship accident over at r/bitcoin. Over the advance of aftermost anniversary abounding posts accept been removed by moderators which accommodate Bitcoin XT accountable material. Arch adjudicator ‘Theymos’ has addressed the r/bitcoin association with his acumen about banning the subject. A abundant majority has bottomward voted the affianced column giving it an acutely low approval rating. The comments mostly adjoin Theymos’s assessment were all up voted clashing any added post. It seems the association majority didn’t like his ‘flared’ opinions. A day afore this advertisement from the arch moderator, Ives had acquaint an acutely popular post about Bitcoin XT. The column accustomed abutting to 2,000 up votes with a actual aerial approval rating. Ives additionally created a actual accepted column about the moderators actuality changed, both posts backward on the subreddit advanced folio for over 12 hours. Soon afterwards these posts and a few comments, Ives was banned from r/bitcoin permanently. Ives contests his banning was adulterine and alone done to shut his posts up.

Bitcoin.com sat bottomward with Ives for a in abyss altercation about his donation to Snowden, and his contempo acquaintance with reddit censorship. He tells our readers about the two acutely accepted reddit posts he created and feels he was banned because of their popularity. Ives capacity his absolute annual and hopes the association stands abaft assumption over politics.

Bitcoin.com: Where are you from and what do you do for work?

Kristopher Ives: I’m from Oregon and I assignment as a software developer, usually in eCommerce. I’ve taken some time off afresh because of my mom’s illness.

BC: You are an apostle of chargeless bazaar agitation correct?

KI: Yeah, although at times I’ve dabbled in minarchism, although I’m appealing able-bodied assertive that a actual baby bulk of article bad (minarchism) isn’t bigger than no bad at all. I’ll acquire a abate accompaniment any day, though. Just echo until at 0

BC: After Obama’s Executive adjustment you beatific Edward Snowden Bitcoin. Why did you do this?

KI: I was affronted that it could account a air-conditioned aftereffect after any reason. A admiral shouldn’t be affecting what is “illegal” or not, that’s declared to be done by legislature. While chatting with association I begin it odd that we could all accede that presidents don’t canyon laws, it wasn’t actionable yesterday, but we couldn’t accede on if it was actionable now. That seemed like a bucking account exploring.

Former U.S. spy bureau architect Edward Snowden is interviewed by The Guardian in his auberge allowance in Hong Kong...Former U.S. spy bureau architect Edward Snowden is apparent in this still angel taken from video during an account by The Guardian in his auberge allowance in Hong Kong June 6, 2013. Snowden was on July 24, 2013 accepted abstracts that will acquiesce him to leave a Moscow airport area he is holed up, an airport antecedent said on Wednesday. The official, who batten on action of anonymity, said Snowden, who is capital by the United States for aperture capacity of U.S. government intelligence programmes, was accepted to accommodated his advocate at Sheremetyevo airport afterwards on Wednesday afterwards abode a appeal for acting cover in Russia. The clearing authorities beneath actual comment. Picture taken June 6, 2013. MANDATORY CREDIT. REUTERS/Glenn Greenwald/Laura Poitras/Courtesy of The Guardian/Handout via Reuters (CHINA - Tags: POLITICS MEDIA) ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. NO SALES. NO ARCHIVES. THIS PICTURE IS DISTRIBUTED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS. NO THIRD PARTY SALES. NOT FOR USE BY REUTERS THIRD PARTY DISTRIBUTORS. MANDATORY CREDIT

BC: This act got a lot of columnist absorption at the time. Can you acquaint me about this? 

KC: It did get a lot of attention, some of which I was able for and some I wasn’t. I never accustomed any abrogating absorption from the State or Federal government, and I appetite to accomplish that clear.

The “media cycle” was a bit intense. It was a anniversary solid of talking to reporters, ambience up appointment calls, etc. and there was a “wave” of such. It went from alcove markets, to beyond media outlets, and eventually all-embracing account outlets, including an account with Russia Today (RT) that was never aired (due to alive camera bureaucracy problems). Each footfall of the way I saw the adventure get a bit added of the “telephone effect”. I don’t alike apperceive how bad it got because afterwards it went all-embracing I chock-full actuality able to accept and construe all of the articles.

Overall I was absolutely afflicted with my bounded advantage actuality in Oregon. They gave the adventure fair advantage and let the users adjudge if it was interesting. Until I saw the account air on KOIN6 bounded TV I was afraid aggregate I said would be edited to abutment their narrative. Boy, was I wrong. I anticipate the media is added “stupid” than it is “evil”

BC: Why do you anticipate the government dislikes cryptocurrency?

KI: Because they can’t ascendancy and own it all. There was a time back the Accompaniment awful banks from what I apperceive (Andrew Jackson?) but already they were able to ascendancy them they chock-full afraid them from what I can tell. The Internet absolutely threw the accompaniment for a spin, but they seemed to advance a plan to ascendancy assorted genitalia of the basement over time, to area we are now with a heavily bedeviled US Internet basement and area name system.

Bitcoin is a harder to control, but it’s like the Internet in some ways, and aloof because it’s decentralized doesn’t beggarly they can’t ascendancy lots of genitalia of the infrastructure. As an acute anticipation experiment, brainstorm if all the governments aloof went and physically confiscated the mining accessories of all the top miners.

BC: Are you for or adjoin the block access and Bitcoin XT?

KI: It seems like a apocryphal dichotomy. I anticipate the angle has been a continued time in the making. To say that it’s the block admeasurement causing the angle in my assessment is actual “surface level”. I accede with a LOT of what anybody has to say. Back Gavin and Mike accomplish abundant posts with acceptable reasoning, I accede with best of what they say. Likewise, back Peter credibility out things are broken, I listen. The botheration is that amid all of this addition has to address the cipher and there has to be some implementation. On the one duke I don’t appetite “Perfect to be the adversary of the good” and we should booty article and assignment with it, but on the added duke I don’t appetite to get ashore on a aisle of implementing yesterday’s account in sub-par means until Bitcoin is dead. So I can see why they accept breach ways.

I appetite a block admeasurement increase, but not by decree, I appetite it based on miners agreeing.

As for if my applicant is alleged Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin XT we’ll accept to delay and see who does a bigger job of bearing a abiding applicant with new appearance but not bugs. In absoluteness it’s apparently activity to be the developers that booty the others patches best. LOL

You afresh acquaint a reddit column which got censored and you were banned from r/bitcoin. Can you acquaint our readers about this situation?

KI: That’s the aberrant part. Usually if I do article I’m absolutely alive and complex in it, like back I alleged out the Executive Order beforehand this year. However, afresh I’ve been a absent from the community. I was talking to a acquaintance who is a miner and he asked me “What’s with the fork?” and I accomplished I was so out-of-touch with the association that I didn’t alike apperceive what was happening. Back I got home I looked through what had happened for a few hours, saw the apish Satoshi emails, account from Mike Hearn, and a quick barter by some of the amount developers on /r/bitcoin

It was bright afterwards seeing this the “fork” was that the 5 capital amount developers were no best accompany and would be amid their clients. Not great, but not a disaster. Then I saw the subreddit agreeable actuality [deleted] and bodies accusatory about all posts associated XT actuality deleted. A acquaintance of abundance had aloof aggregate this angel on Facebook and I had re-shared it, alike admitting I haven’t yet watched Game of Thrones (GoT) to that point. It seemed altogether fitting, and in bluntness I knew bodies adulation GoT, so win-win. I responded to a few comments afore I went to bed. Last I saw afore I comatose out it looked like about 100 upvotes. The altercation in the comments was appealing acceptable and all-embracing I was blessed with the results.

The abutting day afterwards I got aback on Reddit I saw my inbox was exploded with new replies and the column was at about 2000 upvotes. I clicked my orange box and was able to see all the kinds of comments you ability see, and I was activity to acknowledge to the accepted and non-troll ones. However, the first animadversion in the annual was adage that I had been banned from /r/bitcoin for “trolling” They didn’t action abundant advice about why I was banned, or any examples of what I had done. I responded to the moderators but they haven’t got aback to me. Not abiding what the assorted annual being there is about, I alone accept one reddit account. I additionally went to bed appropriate afterwards that post, so I’m appealing abiding I’ve been banned artlessly for announcement that image.


BC: Why do you anticipate this altercation with XT is actuality censored?

KI: Because there is a lot at stake. I’m quick to disagree with Mike and I’ve been awful agnostic of his accomplishments in the Bitcoin space, but I do anticipate that he and Gavin absolutely accept approved to abide to advance Bitcoin at this apathetic clip with centralized attrition from added amount devs for too long. I’ve been adage that development can’t abide this way for a while actually. So the angle isn’t abundant of a abruptness to me.

What is a abruptness to me is that bodies accept alone their attempt beneath brainless abstruse agreement like “That’s not Bitcoin” or “Not the TRUE bitcoin” crap. It’s actual sad to see our association falling victim to the actual things we affirmation to be against. It’s the affectation that kills me.

Do you feel accord will be fabricated in the abreast future?

KI: Consensus has never chock-full =) I anticipate these guys are activity to decay their time exchanging patches for a while out of the absolute abhorrence that one of them will be alone for the other, until they apprehend how brainless that is and go aback to the aforementioned athenaeum apparently with altered branches. Or some third affair is activity to footfall in and “solve the difference” finer abrogation both of these arrant babies on the doorstep. Also account acquainted a few hours afore I was banned afore I fabricated that post I did say that Theymos shouldn’t run both communities’.

What do you anticipate of Excecutive Orders and Censorship? Let us apperceive in the comments below.


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