Bitcoin ABC Rebrands to eCash, Becomes the First Bitcoin-Based Network to Offer Staking

Bitcoin ABC Rebrands to eCash, Becomes the First Bitcoin-Based Network to Offer Staking

THELOGICALINDIAN - The developers of Bitcoin ABC appear the alpha of a rebranding attack that is set to accompany with the barrage of a new activity eCash aiming at redefining agenda money The Bitcoin ABC activity will clearly change its name to eCash and the badge will be renamed from BCHA to XEC on July 1 at 12 PM UTC

As declared in the renewed website, eCash is the accustomed assiduity of the Bitcoin Banknote project, which is led by Amaury Sechet, a above Facebook architect and Bitcoin pioneer, who has had a cogent appulse on the development of Bitcoin and is the architect of Bitcoin Cash. Sechet beggared means with Roger Ver in 2020 and created Bitcoin ABC to apprehend Nakamoto’s aboriginal plan of architecture a cryptocurrency that ability be as accessible as cash.

After dedicating over a year of assignment to the project, Amaury is relaunching Bitcoin ABC as eCash, which, to date, is the alone activity aiming to body adamantine agenda banknote that scales and is defended with low latency. Realizing the eyes of the US economist Milton Friedman, eCash follows through on key promises such as the avant-garde Avalanche accord band while additionally introducing concepts never afore apparent in a Bitcoin project, such as staking, fork-free arrangement upgrades, and subchains.

“eCash opens the aperture to possibilities ahead unattainable by accumulation the amount tech abaft Bitcoin’s success – the aforementioned anchored supply, halving schedule, and alpha block – with the latest Proof of Stake accord and agreement governance”, as declared by Amaury Sechet.

The relaunch will accommodate a alternation of important upgrades including Avalanche – a advocate accord algorithm, that reduces transaction acceptance time to beneath than 1 additional while authoritative affairs absolutely defended and instantaneous. While added Bitcoin competitors like Bitcoin Cash absent cogent amount from advancing and acutely amaranthine forks, Avalanche is accepted to accompany technically sound, politically decentralized babyminding to the eCash protocol.

Users will additionally be able to booty advantage of favorable staking conditions. eCash is the alone low-inflation Bitcoin-based crypto to action staking rewards after the aerial transaction fees archetypal in Ethereum staking. To date, users can booty eCash with USDT at and acquire 400% APY. In the abreast future, eCash will additionally accomplish it accessible to pale eCash for built-in on-chain rewards and advice defended the arrangement with Avalanche.

Low arrangement fees will acquiesce developers to body their projects on the eCash blockchain, as able-bodied as actualize and barter new coins. As a aftereffect of the rebranding effort, the cardinal of decimals will be bargain from 8 to 2, which, according to Sechet, will accompany the agenda bill afterpiece to the classic, as able-bodied as abridge its popularization.

“No added money has 8 decimal places. Why should crypto? Cryptocurrencies with a lower assemblage amount additionally adore college balderdash bazaar appreciation. Because the eCash aggregation is incentivized by both tech and amount improvement, this advance was a no-brainer,” as Sechet noted.

The Binance barter has already voiced abutment for the rebranding campaign, abacus that all BCHA bill captivated in users’ accounts will be adapted to XEC bill at an barter arrangement of 1:1,000,000 already the plan is initiated. BCHA holders are not appropriate to booty any action, as the rebranding will booty abode automatically. The developers of eCash acclaim users to advancement their BCHA wallets, as they apprehend best wallets and exchanges to use eCash/XEC. The developers additionally acclaimed that the accustomed is not an binding measure.