Digitex Futures Adds Chainlink Integration For Unrivaled Price Data Accuracy

Digitex Futures Adds Chainlink Integration For Unrivaled Price Data Accuracy

THELOGICALINDIAN - Digitex Futures has appear a new affiliation with Chainlink that sees the cryptocurrency futures trading belvedere absolutely amalgam Chainlinks decentralized Amount Reference Contracts in an accomplishment to accommodate the best constant and authentic amount abstracts after fluctuation

Chainlink To Provide Digitex Futures With Tamperproof Price Data

In a aboriginal for crypto futures platforms, decentralized oracles are actuality implemented to bolster belvedere aegis and assure user funds from vulnerabilities accompanying to the atom exchanges powering anniversary platform’s amount index.

Most futures trading platforms await on an aggregated amount basis for anniversary asset based on a array of trusted atom barter appraisement to accommodate authentic abstracts to clients. The claiming actuality is that these atom exchanges can acquaintance outages, deviations, abetment from beyond players, or beam crashes that can appulse the basis price.

By leveraging decentralized oracles and borer into Chainlink’s awful reliable Amount Reference Contracts as a amount anchor, Digitex Futures’ users can be assertive they are accepting the best trustworthy, abreast abstracts with abounding transparency. This additionally prevents issues with slippage, and eliminates the adventitious of beam crashes and or abstracts manipulation.

Full Integration Expected By Trading Platform’s Scorching Summer Launch

The affiliation is all allotment of Digitex Futures’ mission to “build a awful defended belvedere that’s careful of user funds.” The affiliation of Chainlink’s Price Reference Contracts the aggregation says is allotment of a new, “broader development roadmap.”

“Using Chainlink amount abstracts enables us to bear stronger aegis and achievement guarantees to our users, furthering our eyes to accommodate futures trading,” Digitex Futures CEO and architect Adam Todd explained.

Digitex Futures is a hotly anticipated, zero-fee futures trading belvedere powered by the DGTX token. While the DFE Mainnet is still bankrupt off to the public, with aloof over 200 users currently trading on the platform, the barter has already accomplished a abstract amount of $77 actor in aggregate in today’s 24-hour period. The aggregation is assured to onboard 10,000 users in the advancing ages of June, in its connected bit-by-bit phased onboarding. 

CEO Adam Todd states that he decidedly brand onboarding baby groups of users in this advance out manner, as it absolutely helps accomplished tune the exchange, so anniversary new accumulation of traders accept a bigger acquaintance than the antecedent batch.

The aggregation expects the BTC/USD amount ballast to be absolutely chip by the time the Digitex Futures barter is absolutely appear to the accessible this Summer. Later, as added trading articles are added Digitex will abide to tap into added feeds provided by Chainlink’s Price Reference Contracts to bear the aforementioned akin of user acquaintance beyond the board.

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