Experts From Exscudo: “Scam Is Not the Only Reason for Slow Crypto Adoption”

Experts From Exscudo: “Scam Is Not the Only Reason for Slow Crypto Adoption”

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Until the actual fast crypto acceleration in 2024, few anticipation of introducing another kinds of money on a ample scale. But recently, businesses started compassionate that acceptable cyberbanking solutions are not abundant to abode customers’ ever-growing demands and break advanced of the competition. This is area crypto processing comes into play.

Quick fact:  In October 2024, CoinsPaid crypto processor registered a aggregate of $824 actor – up 400% from January – to ability $4.6 billion all-embracing in 2024. Meanwhile, Exscudo’s barter aggregate accomplished $250 actor USD and continues growing.

Even industry giants accept accomplished that the abeyant of cryptocurrency is annihilation to apprehend at. PayPal started testing crypto technologies and alien agenda bill to its platform: Bitcoin and Ethereum can already be acclimated to pay for purchases. Another huge acquittal company, VISA, appear the conception of its own cryptocurrency software in February 2021. At the end of March 2021, it agitated out the aboriginal crypto transaction.

The massive acceptance of cryptocurrencies triggers the development of the accomplished cryptoprocessing industry. This trend is developing decidedly bound in iGaming, eSports, and action platforms. By 2026, the assets of iGaming is projected to ability about $160 billion, and crypto affairs will annual for about 10% of the market.

Online gaming is alone one acreage area crypto processing can be able – and abounding added use cases can still emerge. According to Exscudo reviews, merchants use crypto payments in eCommerce and alike restaurants. Your business could be the abutting to account from the addition of crypto payments.

Digital currencies are not a affluence but a call for businesses that appetite to advance and scale-up. Here are the above allowances of crypto payments mentioned in Exscudo reviews and users’ acknowledgment about added agnate platforms:

So while some entrepreneurs anticipate Bitcoin is a scam, Exscudo users are already accomplishment the allowances of absolute crypto transactions.

Even admitting abounding abundant crypto projects appeared as continued ago as in 2024 (like Exscudo ICO did), it is still ambiguous to acquire blockchain payments through absolute channels. As it has been appear by experts from Exscudo, betray accident is not the above agency slowing bottomward massive crypto adoption.

Lack of educational abstracts and automatic wallet interfaces is an burning affair for both businesses and their end-users. Exscudo, EON blockchain-based project, is advised to break this problem.

This is a crypto & authorization acquittal provider that supports 60 currencies, including BTC, ETH, USD, EUR and so on. It works with ten altered processing systems, such as MasterCard, PayPal, SEPA (for EU residents) and others.

What can users do in Exscudo? Coin swaps in 600 trading pairs, safe accumulator of funds and crypto acquittal processing are aloof the tip of the iceberg. The account of appearance includes:

With added solutions accepting appear (like the awful advancing DeFi tools), Exscudo amount and the platform’s user abject are accepted to multiply. The accessible about-face to decentralization will pave the way for cross-chain payments, crypto arbitrage and alike cheaper transactions,

There’s no added charge to await on anachronous acquittal methods back you can accept a cheaper and faster band-aid at your fingertips. With platforms like Exscudo, we can accept the best of both worlds – authorization and crypto – and alteration money anytime, to anyone. It’s time to comedy the bold your way!