Exotic Markets Founder Joffrey Dalet Talks Defi Banking, Structured Products and Solana

Exotic Markets Founder Joffrey Dalet Talks Defi Banking, Structured Products and Solana

THELOGICALINDIAN - Exotic Markets is a DeFi Decentralized Finance belvedere on the Solana Blockchain It aims to become the best adjustable structured articles agreement alms the widest ambit of payoffs and underlyings in DeFi For archetype it aims to action payoffs based on baskets of tokens trading ranges accumulators and basic preservation

Joffrey Dalet is the Founder and CEO of Exotic Markets. He afresh abutting the Bitcoin.com News Podcast to allocution about the business:

The Exotic Markets aggregation founder, Joffrey Dalet, spent nine years trading animation articles and served as a assistant animation barrier armamentarium manager. The aggregation was a top options bazaar maker on FTX. Then the bazaar afflicted and they confused strategies. Instead of bazaar authoritative on CEX, they absitively to action new advance strategies on DeFi.

Thanks to the low costs and aerial throughput of the Solana blockchain, Exotic Markets can action fair and cellophane on-chain ciphering for fair value. The robo adviser will abate complication and adviser users appear custom-built solutions. Tokenization of positions on Serum Exchange will acquiesce users to barter positions while the structured artefact is still active, alms aberrant clamminess for articles that accept commonly been illiquid and broadcast on a biased basis. And this will all be fabricated accessible acknowledgment to the EXO token, which will be anchored with a babyminding action and will blot a allocation of belvedere fees.

To apprentice added about the activity appointment exotic.markets, and chase the aggregation on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

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