Abkhazia Shuts Down 8 Crypto Farms Amid Ongoing Crackdown on Mining

Abkhazia Shuts Down 8 Crypto Farms Amid Ongoing Crackdown on Mining

THELOGICALINDIAN - Authorities in Abkhazia the partially accustomed South Caucasus republic accept apparent and bankrupt bottomward eight crypto mining farms in aloof two weeks Since the alpha of June law administration agents accept broken added than 300 mining accessories from the filigree and fined an abettor

Over 300 Mining Rigs Cut Off From Electricity Supply in Abkhazia

Between June 1 and June 14, badge in Abkhazia accept begin eight accessories for cryptocurrency mining that accept been operating in aperture of the country’s ban on agenda bread minting. Law administration agents accept broken about 350 units of mining accouterments from the electricity grid.

The raids accept been conducted by the Ministry of Interior and bounded badge admiral in several regions of the South Caucasian republic. Three of the actionable mining farms accept been amid in the basic city, Sukhumi, area law administration agents accept shut bottomward 17 mining rigs and imposed authoritative penalties on their owners.

Another three accessories were apparent in Gudauta District, area badge admiral pulled the bung on 128 mining devices. The crypto miners accept been sealed, the admiral appear in a press release appear to its website this week.

Largest Crypto Mining Farm Discovered in Gali Region

The better cryptocurrency acreage was amid in Gali District. The ability had 184 mining rigs running. Representatives of the bounded ability administration aggregation estimated they accept captivated 170 application of electricity and imposed a accomplished of 408,000 Russian rubles (around $5,660) on the operator. The mining acreage has been cut off from the grid.

During inspections agitated out in Gagra District, Abkhaz authorities apparent addition 17 bread minting accessories which accept austere an estimated 28.5 application of electrical energy. Those rigs accept been shut bottomward and closed as well.

The Ministry of Interior of Georgia’s breakaway republic conducts circadian checks to analyze accessories mining cryptocurrencies in apathy of the region’s latest regulations. Earlier this year, the government in Sukhumi extended a acting ban on cryptocurrency mining until March 31, 2022. Hefty fines and bent accountability were additionally alien for actionable use of electrical ability to excellent agenda currencies.

The restrictions were initially allowable in backward 2018, back a fasten in mining action larboard the Russia-backed de facto accompaniment adverse an activity crisis. In aboriginal 2019, Abkhazia’s Chernomorenergo account shut down 15 mining farms with a absolute ability accommodation of 8,950 kilowatts, claiming that would be a acting measure.

Besides advancing searches for new crypto farms in operation, the Interior Ministry of the partially accustomed republic is additionally consistently blockage ahead shut bottomward mining farms. This month, badge admiral accept visited 89 such facilities.

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