Iran Unveils a Crypto-Mining, Water-Sliding, Sanction-Busting Skyscraper

Iran Unveils a Crypto-Mining, Water-Sliding, Sanction-Busting Skyscraper

THELOGICALINDIAN - Weve all been there Youve got a massive cryptocurrency mining operation that you charge to adumbrate from a able adopted aggressor So what do you do Well if youre Iran why not body it into a skyscrapersized baptize esplanade of course

At least, that was the band-aid that a aggregation of Iranian architects put forward, for this years ‘evolo’ building competition.

It’s Maybe Not Quite As Crazy As It Sounds

Okay, so maybe it is… But the approach abaft the architecture is that a all-embracing cryptocurrency mining operation requires three things: lots of electricity, some adjustment of cooling, and (if it’s in Iran) a awning story.

So, your generators ability the pump, which takes baptize to the top of the skyscraper. You’re a water-park afterwards all, annihilation apprehensive about powering a baptize pump. As the baptize flows bottomward through the slides and flumes, it acts to air-conditioned the mining rigs. Which additionally makes the attempt pools at the basal of the slides nice and warm.

Whilst it’s accomplishing that, it additionally generates hydro-electricity to ability the rigs, acceptance the mining ancillary of business to be off-grid.

Nobody will doubtable a thing.

And C’mon, You Have To Admit It’s Pretty Cool

Just attending at it. It’s a 560-meter alpine baptize park. Can you brainstorm the fun that could be had in there? The bottle facades accommodate an iconic landmark, and different examination platforms from multi-level accessible spaces.

Oh yeah, and it’s absolutely tricked out to abundance cryptocurrencies day-in day-out throughout the year.

Though Sadly for Iran, It’s Just A Pipe Dream

And yes, the pun was actual abundant intended.

Unfortunately, this abstraction is never activity to become a reality… because Tehran already has two water-parks. Also, the ‘evolo’ building antagonism is absolutely about the concept, and this access didn’t alike get an atonement mention.

Plus, it apparently isn’t the best abstraction to advertise your crypto, sanction-busting intentions in a all-around architectonics antagonism captivated by a US-based magazine… Just saying.

Still, it’s acceptable to accept bodies cerebration ‘outside the box’, because Iran is adverse a boxy bread-and-butter altitude afterward the re-introduction of US sanctions.

The bodies of Iran are already flocking to bitcoin. Could it be the saviour of the abridgement too?

What do you anticipate of this crypto mining building abstraction in Iran? Share your thoughts below!

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