Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Stan Druckenmiller Buys Bitcoin

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Stan Druckenmiller Buys Bitcoin

THELOGICALINDIAN - Billionaire reverses his abrogating attitude on cryptocurrency

Stan Druckenmiller, a billionaire barrier armamentarium investor, has invested in Bitcoin, according to a contempo CNBC interview.

Druckenmiller accustomed Bitcoin by advertence that the cryptocurrency “has a lot of allure as a abundance of amount to both millennials and the new West Coast line.” He added that Bitcoin has existed for 13 years and that it builds on its cast every day.

Though his advance in gold charcoal several times beyond than his BTC holdings, his Bitcoin advance may perform better, said Druckenmiller. “It is thinner, added illiquid, and has a lot added beta [risk-return potential],” he explained during the interview.

In chat with Bloomberg in June 2023, Druckenmiller ahead declared that he would not acquirement Bitcoin—meaning today’s account represents a complete about-face in his stance. According to Bloomberg’s billionaire list, Druckenmiller is amid the world’s 400 wealthiest investors, with a net account of $5.83 billion.

He joins several added clandestine investors that accept invested in cryptocurrency in contempo years, including Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, Tim Draper, Mark Cuban, and Paul Tudor Jones.

The accepted Bitcoin influencer Pierre Rochard was bent in Twitter’s brake binge during acclamation week.

The accepted Bitcoin influencer Pierre Rochard was bent in Twitter’s brake binge during acclamation week. Though he’s aback tweeting at the time of press, the accident reminded users of Twitter’s ability over the crypto discourse.

Twitter Censors Trump Misinformation

Twitter afresh censored a swath of awful arguable tweets from the American President, Donald J. Trump. The President tweeted several ambiguous and unfounded tweets apropos the actuality of this week’s election

For his activity, the amusing media close concealed his agreeable with the afterward sentence: 

“Some or all of the agreeable aggregate in this Tweet is acknowledged and ability be ambiguous about an acclamation or added borough process.”

Despite the force of these tweets’ content, many, decidedly those in the Bitcoin community, accept bidding concern. And in the aforementioned week, one of the best affecting associates of the actual aforementioned Bitcoin association was bent in the censorship crossfire.

Pierre Rochard Restricted for 24 Hours

With added than 80,000 followers, Pierre Rochard, a Bitcoin coder and architect at Kraken exchange, is one of the best abrupt supporters of the arch cryptocurrency. 

Yesterday, however, Twitter belted his account. The social media firm cited “unusual action on the account” as the acumen for the block. 

Though the affidavit are unclear, Rochard afflicted analysis by cogent associates of a newly-erected Telegram accumulation alleged “Bitcoin Twitter backup” that it was “mass advertisement from Ethereans.” He said: 

“ETH bag holders get acrid and adapt to accumulation address with apocryphal accusations.”  

He cited a contempo cheep comparing ETH 2.0 drop contracts with the acclaimed Eagles song, Hotel California, cogent his followers that they can never acknowledgment to ETH 1.0 afterwards staking on the new ETH 2.0 alarm chain. 

Later in the aforementioned discussion, Rochard accepted that Twitter explained “nothing,” and that the “‘moderation’ is advisedly blurred so that they can do their affair while ambuscade abaft ToS and ‘algos.’”

He alike joked that he was banned because “Kamala Harris appear [his] annual because she’s a cop.” 

Despite the abridgement of affirmation abaft abounding of Rochard’s claims, the accident resurfaced questions apropos the amusing media firm’s cartel on the crypto discourse. 

Udi Wertheimer, addition accomplished developer, told in the aforementioned Telegram group: 

“Twitter is a abundant apparatus to apprentice about Bitcoin, but additionally gives Twitter way too abundant power. At any point in the future, it can adjudge to abridge any Bitcoin narratives that don’t comedy forth with Twitter’s approaching interests.”