12-Year-Old Prodigy-Created Project, TheRandomDao, Listed on LBank
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12-Year-Old Prodigy-Created Project, TheRandomDao, Listed on LBank

THELOGICALINDIAN - PRESS RELEASE Meme bill accept been trending for a while now in the crypto amplitude and best of them are beastly accompanying Dogs in accurate are the best accepted meme aspect acclimated in all-around meme bread association From Dogecoin to Shiba Inu SHIB the success of abundant meme bill has been witnessed by the all-inclusive majority of crypto investors and enthusiasts

And now, this abiding trend of application beastly as the above meme bread aspect ability aloof appear to an end, with the birth of a new meme created by a prodigy. Recently, accidental (RND), a 12-year-old primary academy student’s new project, already afresh set off a “meme boom” and acquired a awareness in the crypto community. After accepting boundless attention, it’s now listed on LBank Exchange to accommodate opportunities for added bodies who are absorbed in advance RND.

Meme and the Prodigy

On February 6, an all-encompassing altercation occurred in the crypto space, all because a 12-year-old adolescent appear a video tutorial of acute arrangement on bilibili, a accepted Chinese video website. According to the video he sent, his name is Huang Zheng and he is still a primary academy student.

Huang Zheng said that he deployed a acute arrangement on the Ethereum arrangement at the end of January. The tutorial is based on the accomplished action of him deploying the acute contract, which alien the creation, deployment, testing, absolution and consecutive capacity of the acute arrangement in detail. He hopes the video will advice bodies apprentice how to actualize a acute arrangement by themselves from scratch. This video has already been deleted.

Although Huang Zheng has again fatigued that he is alone a primary academy apprentice and hopes to apprentice and advance with everyone, his abeyant cannot be underestimated.

Huang Zheng began to apprentice programming six years ago and came into acquaintance with the Solidity accent in the additional bisected of 2024. Out of absorption in Solidity, Huang Zheng created RND badge on the Ethereum arrangement through self-study and deployed a acute contract. RND has no clandestine auction and is anon airdropped to 101010 users. Such a huge airdrop accident bound admiring bodies to accompany one afterwards addition and RND aback became a accepted activity in the crypto community. Some bodies alike began to apprehend Huang Zheng to become the abutting Vitalik, the architect of Ethereum.

The abounding name of RND activity is TheRandomDao. Its official website folio is actual concise, with alone a few words of activity introduction. According to the advice on the official website, a absolute of 37.8 abundance RND tokens were issued, of which 12% were larboard to Huang Zheng’s parents to acknowledge them for their adherence and adulation over the accomplished 12 years. In addition, 38% will be provided for clamminess mining, and the actual 50% will be airdropped to 101010 people. At present, the airdrop has already been completed, which shall be claimed aural one year, and the bearding tokens afterwards one year will be destroyed directly.

It is account advertence that the RND badge is alone acclimated as a affirmation in the tutorial video of Solidity programming and has no added value. Based on this, abounding bodies accept that RND additionally belongs to the meme bread family. Meme ability no best needs to use animals as their capital aspect but has a new character that is created behindhand of profits and is added “random”, as its name indicates.

Will RND be the Next SHIB?

There is no agnosticism that the RND badge issued by Huang Zheng has a meme aspect in it. Although meme bill are accepted at present, they accept additionally been broadly criticized. Their prices are usually pushed up by behemothic whales or endless retail investors. Since the prices accept no applied support, back there is no profit, they will artlessly collapse.

When it comes to meme coins, investors consistently feel affectionate of apprehensive about their hype. SHIB has acknowledged adapted itself to a admired activity afterwards actuality absorbed by the community. Will RND token, as a hot meme project, become the abutting SHIB?

Huang Zheng himself tweeted that RND has no applied amount and is alone acclimated for affirmation in the tutorial video of Solidity programming and alleged on not to overhype the RND badge value.

As anon as this cheep was sent, two choir anon appeared in the community. Some bodies said that RND itself is a DAO. There is no clandestine sale, no accessible offering, no assorted ICOs or IEOs. Instead, it allows anybody to get a chargeless airdrop. Overall, this is the absolute DAO, article that a accumulation of bodies anticipate is valuable. There were additionally some added choir claming that Huang Zheng has no ascendancy over what the association would do in the future, and the association is activity to accomplish RND the abutting SHIB.

According to the accepted situation, RND is still accepted in the association and has admiring the accord of abounding crypto influencers. Due to the open-source arrangement of TheRandomDao, RND may additionally acquire assorted activity branches beneath the action of association autonomy. The development of TheRandomDao may alike end up active adverse to what Huang Zheng hopes.

However, it is not an accessible assignment to charm SHIB’s success. In the end, RND may not be the abutting SHIB, but addition appropriate actuality in meme culture. Listed on March 11, 2022, RND is now accessible for trading on LBank Exchange. Any broker who has absorption in RND advance can calmly buy and advertise RND on LBank Exchange appropriate now.

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