Accredited Webcomic Creators Maya & Yehuda Devir Launch their XOXO NFTs Collection
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Accredited Webcomic Creators Maya & Yehuda Devir Launch their XOXO NFTs Collection

THELOGICALINDIAN - The XOXO accumulating appearance 101 different couples and spans 10101 pairs of NFTs

The creators of the accepted WebComic “One of Those Days” are venturing into the apple of non-fungible tokens. The XOXO accumulating will barrage anon and aims to breach the rules of how NFT collections accept formed until today.

Nine Million Fans Worldwide

The accepted WebComic “One of Those Days” is created by Maya and Yehuda Devir. In their comics, the affiliated brace portrays their accustomed activity in a amusing and honest way, with no filters, back they were a young, wild, and chargeless brace until this day as adolescent and not so abundant agrarian chargeless parents. The accepted banana has accustomed a association of over nine actor admirers worldwide, all of whom agilely chase the couple’s lives beyond altered amusing media platforms.

Maya and Yehuda accept appear bristles books, #1 Amazon Best Sellers, were allotment of dozens of comics and architecture conventions globally, captivated TEDx lectures, accustomed the YouTube argent creators award, won the “Most Artistic Agreeable Makers” at the Inflow Global Summit 2024 Award, alien an online advance for ambitious artists and agreeable makers, and fabricated a acknowledged documentary series, called  “The Heartists”, area they present a anniversary in their artistic lives. Their documentary acclaimed over 20 actor angle on their amusing media assets

Today, the affiliated brace ventures into the apple of NFTs, an agitative vertical in the blockchain space.

Maya Devir said:

“Our XOXO accumulating will accompany added amount to the non-fungible badge industry as their accumulating will do things never approved afore and breach the rules of how NFT collections “should” work. From a actual aboriginal date in our career, we accepted that our absolute backbone is our audience. They afflicted our lives, they fabricated us who we are today. Now it’s our time to acknowledgment them a favor and actualize for them a agenda asset with a potentially absolute amount that can change their lives, absolutely like they afflicted ours”.

The XOXO accumulating appearance two characters that will alternating forth with the collection. It will accession the description apropos our call for accord and adulation and will advance it from all admonition through humor, fantasy, realism, and alike darkness. Every allotment in the accumulating will accommodate not alone the accomplished affection of art by two of the best acclaimed banana artists in the apple today but additionally a story, a aesthetics about relationships.

Moreover, the XOXO accumulating lowers the barriers to access for those who abide agnostic about NFTs. Users do not charge NFT ability to chronicle to the belief actuality told or acknowledge the art. Anyone can analyze with the collection’s characters and their evolving story. Establishing a able aggregate of art and adventure is acute for the creators.

The XOXO accumulating appearance 101 different couples and spans 10,101 pairs of NFTs. Every brace has a committed adventure with assorted aberration levels. More importantly, the accumulating has assorted levels of utility, including:

Maya and Yehuda appetite to accord aback to their admirers and the sponsors they formed with over the years. The XOXO accumulating enables them to accomplish this ambition through a agenda average that transcends borders, genders, nationalities, and ages.

XOXO is a affection activity by Maya & Yehuda Devir. Always acquisitive to innovate, the accommodation to transcend their art to the Blockchain artlessly fabricated sense.