After Lightning-Paced Tier-1 Sellout, ClinTex’s CTi Token Is Now Trading on KuCoin
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After Lightning-Paced Tier-1 Sellout, ClinTex’s CTi Token Is Now Trading on KuCoin

THELOGICALINDIAN - PRESS RELEASE ClinTex is all set to accomplish its affiance of abbreviation amount and time diffusion in the medical trials industry with its CTi badge accessible for accessible trading on KuCoin on Wednesday Using the aggregate of blockchain bogus intelligence and acute affairs ClinTex is an avant-garde medical balloon belvedere that will conductor in an era of abstracts administration analytics and administration in biologic development that will accommodate the accepted industry The aim annihilate issues that account time and assets to be ashen and abolish duplication of efforts

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The pharmaceuticals industry is advantageous – an avant-garde anesthetic that can accouterment a ache is account billions in sales. However, the industry is blowzy with aerial barriers to access and abysmal advance times for products. Compounding these problems are the boxy balloon stages afore drugs are accustomed for use. To account this huge cost, the pharma industry artlessly passes on the amount to the public, with the ailing advantageous huge amounts of money for their health. And in ClinTex’s view, this is unacceptable.

ClinTex is leveraging blockchain technology to adviser a new age in medical balloon abstracts administration that is secure, able and open. Their Analytic Trials Intelligence (CTi) belvedere utilizes abstracts analytics accumulated with blockchain technology to abode the above inefficiencies in analytic trials. Through this, the estimated $350 billion spent annual on new medication development can be decidedly reduced.

The CTi Platform will additionally accredit bigger accord beyond the biologic industry. Currently, there are about 3,000 studies advancing that are evaluating Covid-19 treatments and vaccines, but best are alive in isolation. Using blockchain technology, CTi will assuredly accommodate a way for Big Pharma, baby Biotech, academia and absolute advisers to coact and allotment key data, acceptance for faster analytic trials and beneath analytic balloon failures.. This will abutment ClinTex’s eyes of facilitating the commitment of new medicines faster, safer and cheaper.

CTi Listing

Powering the ClinTex’s mission of confined altruism is its CTi token. The close originally had an IEO in the plans, but the immense absorption by participants meant ClinTex was accessible to go to bazaar with CTi abundant quicker. Purchased at an absurd pace, the aboriginal annular absolutely awash out and the added annular additionally saw aberrant demand. ClinTex absitively not to run additional, accidental circuit of the sale.

CTi has been listed on KuCoin, back Monday 30th November, 2020 and started about trading on Wednesday 2nd December, 2020. KuCoin stands amidst the top ten crypto exchanges and its aerial aggregate of trading agency the badge will be in the ability of hundreds of bags of investors and individuals who allotment the ClinTex dream. With over 30,000 new analytic trials registered every year, and over 250,000 analytic trials advancing at any one time, the bazaar abeyant for CTi is huge. This bazaar opportunity, accompanying with ClinTex’s avant-garde platform, is acceptable to drive cogent appeal for the badge in the abbreviate term, with best appellation acceptable badge advance actuality apprenticed by the roll-out of the belvedere in 2021.

Open, Yet Secure

ClinTex offers a seamless acquaintance of administration medical data, but respects bookish acreage at the aforementioned time. A contempo report by The Guardian appear that accompaniment sponsored hackers are consistently attempting to drudge into the servers of pharma companies affianced in COVID-19 vaccine development. This is the actual acumen ClinTex uses blockchain. Smart affairs assure the advice is appear to the alone appropriate party, arch to a arguable environment.

Expert Opinion

Combined, the ClinTex team has over 50 years of acquaintance in the pharma industry, with all-inclusive access in the analytic balloon sector. ClinTex is additionally all set to cycle out its alive belvedere in 2021. With the belvedere launched abutting year, the accurate ability of medical trials and blockchain will be unleashed, bringing pharmacists, doctors, advisers and others beneath one roof, alive in accord to accomplish medications easier to advance and amount able for the world. One world, one mankind, a all-around bloom benefit.


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