Blockchain App Humaniq’s HMQ Token to be Traded on Exchanges
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Blockchain App Humaniq’s HMQ Token to be Traded on Exchanges

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Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, April 24 – Blockchain banking casework app Humaniq announces deals for their HMQ cryptocurrency badge to be traded on exchanges. With the acknowledged ICO about finished, tokens will be disbursed to participants 10 canicule afterwards the end of the ICO on April 26th at midnight CET. The exchanges that accept agreed to barter HMQ are SpaceBTC, LiveCoin and Bitlish.

“This is aloof the start,” promises Humaniq architect Alex Fork. “We assurance these exchanges, as they accept a actual acceptable reputation. This is actual benign to the bodies who accept alternate in our crowdsale, and will activate the enactment of our post-ICO badge value. Our focus is to actualize amount for the over 10.000 bodies that bought our tokens. Our ICO so far accomplished over BTC 3484,6 the agnate of 4 334 136.77 USD”

Humaniq appear afresh that abutting Think Rise the Barclays powered accelerator in London. Becoming a Rise Resident allows Humaniq to assignment carefully alongside added startups and all-around organisations with access and business relationships in all-around locations such as NY, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Cape Town and beyond the United Kingdom. The Rise London armpit additionally host programmes like the Barclays Accelerator, powered by TechStars, which Humaniq could potentially enter. Humaniq active as able-bodied a accord with Deloitte to accommodate acknowledged consulting and advising services. Deloitte is an internationally accepted ascendancy in abyssal the acknowledged and authoritative mural for banking account applications like Humaniq.

“Having top end admiral and acknowledged abutment is one of the capital genitalia of the Humaniq project,” declared Dinis Guarda, CEO. “We awful acknowledge relationships with our ally accordingly we accept called Deloitte to adviser us through our advance and efforts as we barrage our activity globally.”

On April 21st, Humaniq Chairman Dmitry Kaminskiy, Humaniq Chairman and architect of Deep Ventures Fund hosted “Meetup and Workshop – AI and Blockchain for Social Acceptable in Cambridge” at the Judge Business School at Cambridge University. The accident answer altercation of blockchain companies like Humaniq that are operating with a altruistic banking admittance and tech for acceptable philosophy.

Joining all-around crypto currencies will acquiesce Humaniq to calibration its bread and crypto HMQ and acquiesce all the association of over 10.000 bodies that abutting so far a achievability to accept assorted places to barter the agenda currency.

These are the exchanges:

LiveCoin is a avant-garde account for accessing cryptocurrency barter markets. You are provided with a comfortable, applied and assisting belvedere with which to assignment with cryptocurrencies — suitable for both beginners and accomplished traders. Try it and you will bound acknowledge the advantages of this system.

SpaceBTC is a European avant-garde trading belvedere headquartered in London. The aggregation abaft SpaceBTC is PAX ROMANA GROUP LTD, congenital in England & Wales on 20th November 2024. Our all-embracing aggregation is amid in London, Moscow and Seville. We strive to action a different acquaintance and a abounding ambit of appearance for both companies and individuals. Our action involves extensive a new akin of acquiescence to become the safest and best cellophane Bitcoin marketplace: we accept already partnered with Chainalysis from Barclays Accelerator and appealed to the FCA for a regulation. SpaceBTC will action its users the achievability to barter added currencies and bolt over time.

Bitlish offers defended and acceptable bitcoin barter for their registered users.
Users drop their bitcoins or authorization bill (USD, EUR, RUB) to their account, bout any of the orders on the armpit or actualize their own. After the adjustment is complete (which is done automatically) users abjure bitcoins to their bitcoin wallet or authorization bill to their acclaim agenda or coffer account.


About Humaniq

Humaniq is creating an Ethereum Blockchain-based cyberbanking casework app that will accompany adaptable accounts to an admirers of two billion bodies who currently don’t accept admission to academic cyberbanking services. The app will additionally act as the basement courage for 3rd affair casework to bung into, such as allowance providers, p2p lenders, and abstracts aegis firms. See added at

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