Immobilium Uses Blockchain to Transform Real Estate Into Commodities
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Immobilium Uses Blockchain to Transform Real Estate Into Commodities

THELOGICALINDIAN - PRESS RELEASE The use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is rapidly growing There are assorted projects attractive to use blockchain in absolute acreage but can it absolutely transform absolute acreage into bolt Put artlessly the technology to achieve this is already present Consumers artlessly charge to apprentice to embrace it with Immobilium

Immobilium approaches the use of blockchain in absolute acreage with astute expectations. The aggregation does not appetite to agitate the industry. It artlessly wants to accommodate options for allowance the industry, affected accepted hurdles, and animate consumers to embrace this change.

The Blockchain Offers Real Estate the Benefits of Commodities

It’s one affair to say that the technology for absolute acreage to become bolt already exists. But how does the technology abaft Immobilium do this? It transforms absolute acreage in several key means that accomplish it action added like bolt than acceptable absolute estate.

Fractional Ownership

One of the best important means that blockchain turns absolute acreage into bolt via fractionalisation. Other projects accept additionally explored this use case, so its abeyant was able-bodied accustomed alike afore Immobilium. Using this anatomy makes absolute acreage abundant added attainable for any investor.

Speed of Transactions

Speed of affairs is addition cogent affection of bolt that absolute acreage can accouter with the blockchain. Absolute acreage transfers are awfully slow, demography months on average. If a absolute acreage transaction is completed in a amount of weeks, that action is advised appealing fast.

By contrast, application the blockchain can decidedly abate processing time. This is a affection already begin in article trading, as you can barter instantly from anywhere. Added to the acceleration of use, the adeptness to barter from anywhere is additionally crucial. Founders of Immobilium Sasha Poparic, Nenad Mitosevic and Lazaros Georgiadis accept this is one of the pillars to the company’s success.

No Geographic Limit

Most absolute acreage investors are carefully amid to their investments. This is acceptable for them back they assurance paperwork and appear to added aspects of their investments. They can additionally physically adviser all their transactions, giving them a faculty of security. But nowadays, you can barter bolt from anywhere online. Blockchain accomplishes this for absolute estate, enabling you to buy or advertise a acreage and alteration buying from anywhere in the world.

Safety and Transparency

Many bodies anticipate that it is safe to transact bolt because they are accountable to regulation. Transacting absolute acreage poses added of a claiming for investors. However, blockchain provides aegis and assurance via the immutability and accuracy of the ledger.

The Bottom Line

The technology to about-face absolute acreage into bolt is already there. When purchasing absolute estate, the blockchain allows for accomplishing of apportioned buying models, adds accuracy and security, and removes geographic limitations. Consumers are accessible to embrace absolute acreage as a commodity, and accomplishing so will accessible the aperture for added clamminess and new absolute acreage investors .

Real acreage crypto projects like Immobilium are aiming to facilitate this actual thing, by blame the account and use cases of blockchain technology to new dimensions, in the words of Immobilium architect Sasha Poparic;

“Welcome to Immobilium”

The approaching is fast in the rear appearance mirror readers, and altar may be afterpiece than they appear.


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