Inanomo Secures $6 Million in Funding to Develop Innovative Metaverse Concept
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Inanomo Secures $6 Million in Funding to Develop Innovative Metaverse Concept

THELOGICALINDIAN - The aggregation will be application the funds to advance its ecosystem added add to its repertoire of casework and become a basic in the FinTech industry

Inanomo, an advancing banking technology (FinTech) company, has anchored 6$ actor in its aboriginal clandestine costs round.

The aggregation will be application the funds to advance its ecosystem further, add to its repertoire of services, and become a basic in the FinTech industry. The Singapore-based aggregation additionally aims to added its blockchain services, creating its own metaverse Oasis and a non-fungible badge (NFT) marketplace.

Leveraging its arrangement of users and influence, Inanomo has aggressive affairs to aggrandize and add amount and interconnectivity to the metaverse market.

Venturing Into the Metaverse

Inanomo has planned a holistic set of casework centered about the metaverse and web 3.0 technologies. The eyes is to actualize the meta of meta, which is about a fully-fledged ecosystem of multiverses, not bound to the simplest bridges amid projects

Building a unified basement amid metaverses, Inanomo creates an ecosystem area metaverse users can meet, accurate themselves, and transact. This ecosystem, alleged Oasis, is a abode area gamers, agenda artists, and musicians can all collaborate and affectation their own different avatar, in-game item, or NFT creations.

As allotment of the ecosystem, the NFT exchange will acquiesce users to calmly accompany in and accept clamminess on their NFTs from added basic worlds, marketplace, or games. Inanomo will additionally incentivize cooperation amid metaverse projects, so they don’t abide on their own abstracted islands and accept some anatomy of interoperability.

While Inanomo has set its architect on the approaching and will be advance in the metaverse, the belvedere already counts with a solid user abject and a assorted toolset.

Through Inanomo, users can cautiously and calmly barter and abundance Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and assorted added cryptocurrencies. Inanomo has its own trading platform, area users can barter over 30 cryptocurrencies, and a crypto wallet to deeply abundance agenda assets.

Blending the best of acceptable accounts with the advantages of blockchain technology, Inanomo additionally offers advance opportunities. Users can abound their portfolios with assurance and affluence by leveraging one of the several FinTech advance articles accessible on the platform.

With this contempo annular of allotment and the acquaintance of a continued account of IT veterans, Inanomo will be able to accomplish its eyes of accouterment banking and abstruse casework to a ample audience.

With the absolution of its NFT exchange and its metaverse Oasis, Inanomo will accept a basic role in accumulation metaverses and crumbling the industry.