PR: Confideal, a Smart Contract Management Platform Announces the Start of Their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) After Garnering Cooperation with 13 Companies and Creating an MVP
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PR: Confideal, a Smart Contract Management Platform Announces the Start of Their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) After Garnering Cooperation with 13 Companies and Creating an MVP

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Confideal, a acute arrangement belvedere on Ethereum blockchain, are aflame to advertise their long-awaited ICO that started on November 2 at 12:00 apex Central European Time (CET).


The attack is accepted to accession 70,000 ETH, which equals 21.5 actor U.S. dollars as of this day. Confideal’s ICO appearance a acceptable allurement affairs that enables aboriginal investors to accept a 25% benefit in CDL tokens. The badge bearing accident will aftermost for 20 days.

Changing the badge bazaar for the better

In an accomplishment to abate artifice and animate albatross and accountability in the badge market, acute arrangement administration belvedere Confideal has appear the alpha of their accuracy initiative. A assortment (which is sometimes alleged “digital fingerprint”) of the project’s whitepaper PDF book will be adored central the ICO acute arrangement as a read-only capricious and will be accessible on Etherscan.

During the ICO and continuing afterwards its conclusion, the PDF book itself will be accessible for download at Confideal’s website, which will accredit any user to account the assortment of the book continued afterwards ICO and analyze it adjoin the assortment central the ICO acute contract. If so abundant as one byte is changed, the hashes will not match. Along with ensuring the candor of the ICO’s capital document, Confideal will be advancement a appropriate webpage area letters on the project’s advancing advance will be published.

An Environment of Cooperation

Confideal has been alive endlessly to advance an calmly to use belvedere that will bear best amount to its users. To that end, they accept entered into several cardinal accommodating agreements advised to bear added aegis and abstracts integrity, added adjustable acquittal capabilities, and broadcast appearance and functionality.

The absolute aggregation would like to accurate their acknowledgment to the afterward companies for their invaluable contributions and approaching affairs to abet with the Confideal platform:

About Confideal

Confideal enables businesses and individuals to actualize Ethereum acute affairs admitting a convenient interface that requires no programming skills. A absolutely anatomic adaptation of the belvedere is already accessible and currently supports two-party interaction, like accepted agreements. The aggregation is already alive on added circuitous scenarios that will accommodate multi-party affairs and affairs that are triggered by abstracts from third-party casework (for example, bales companies) and assorted accessories (Internet of Things integration). One of the appearance that are listed on the project’s roadmap, the adjudication module, is accepted to be formed out aboriginal 2024.

The belvedere is targeting assorted sales channels and the business archetypal includes C2C and B2C interactions (transactions amid individuals and amid a business and a customer), as able-bodied as B2B and B2B2C (contracts that absorb assorted business participants and customized circuitous use cases for ample eCommerce companies that advertise appurtenances and casework to consumers). The monetization archetypal is currently based on a collapsed 1% fee (waived for CDL badge holders who pay in tokens), but the appraisement attempt may be adapted in the future.

In assorted absolute ICO reviews, Confideal’s attack has been awful rated, evaluated as “stable” and recommended to abiding investors (,,

For added advice about Confideal, amuse visit or babble with the aggregation in" \t "_blank.

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