PR: Contentos Announces Investment From Binance Labs
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PR: Contentos Announces Investment From Binance Labs

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Decentralized all-around agreeable ecosystem, Contentos, has been communicable the absorption of above industry players, accepting a multi-million dollar advance from Binance Labs.

Contentos, a decentralized all-around agreeable ecosystem, announces today a multi-million dollar advance from Binance Labs. Launched by Binance, the world’s better cryptocurrency barter by trading volume, Binance Labs is an incubator and amusing appulse armamentarium that invests in top projects that are application blockchain technology to transform assorted industries.

“The abstraction for Contentos began back I noticed a austere charge for a decentralized agreeable ecosystem alms cellophane and fair monetization of creators’ content, and no third-party censorship or abatement of content,” said Mick Tsai, CEO and co-founder of Contentos. “The Contentos aggregation is captivated to accept the abutment of Binance Labs in advancing our ambition to accommodate the canning and monetization of agenda content, while alive appear creating a added absolute ecosystem for all agreeable creators, influencers, and agreeable consumers.”

As of now, Contentos is one of the aboriginal open-source-code blockchains that includes agreeable administration amidst its capabilities. Contentos aims to accommodate a decentralized ecosystem for agreeable creators to accept artistic abandon and to leave their agenda brand after the accident of third-party interference. Unlike agnate projects architecture new articles and appearance to acclimate to blockchain technology, the Contentos aggregation has already chip with three acknowledged products, LiveMe, PhotoGrid, and Cheez, and is currently accessible to users about the world.

Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs, said, “We are committed to anecdotic the absolute use cases to apparatus blockchain technologies. There’s a bright pain-point to be apparent in the agreeable conception industry, and we see Contentos is the appropriate aggregation with analytical assets to break the problem.” Through absolute investments, collaborations with added industry partners, and the Labs evolution program, Binance Labs is committed to allowance top BUIDLers jump alpha their account and apprehend the abounding abeyant of blockchain technologies.

Recently, Contentos additionally appear partnerships with Ontology and NEO Foundation. Contentos’s affiliation with Ontology acts as a collaborative accomplishment to use both companies’ ability to aggrandize aloft absolute blockchain research, appliance development, and community-building. With the NEO Global Capital affiliation – a accessory of the NEO Foundation – there will be added opportunities for Contentos to analyze technology-based solutions for developing capabilities. The Contentos aggregation is aflame to see that their cardinal efforts, appropriately far, accept been absolutely accustomed by a cardinal of arch investors and arresting abstracts from the blockchain community. With their new partnerships and investments, Contentos is assured in the administration they are headed as they abide to advance their absolute agreement to advance the affiliation of blockchain and amusing media.

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About Contentos
Contentos is a accessible blockchain activity accurately advised and congenital for the all-around agenda agreeable industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, Contentos aims to boldness above challenges that centralized agreeable platforms face today, such as agreeable distribution, monetization, authentication, and absorb management. Contentos seeks to empower creators by monetizing their agreeable and auspicious accord with advertisers, fans, and added creators as able-bodied as advantageous absolute contributions to the community.

About Binance Labs
Binance Labs is a amusing appulse armamentarium and an action to incubate, invest, and empower blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, projects, and communities. Our mission is to break the problems that amount best to the ecosystem and change the apple for the better.

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