Raiinmaker Influencer Marketing App Passes Zokyo Smart Contract Audits
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Raiinmaker Influencer Marketing App Passes Zokyo Smart Contract Audits

THELOGICALINDIAN - The platforms ProofofInfluence agreement was activated and passed

Raiinmaker, a amusing media belvedere congenital to affix admirers with influencers, has anesthetized a contempo set of aegis audits conducted by cybersecurity close Zokyo.

Raiinmaker Passes Audits

Social media fan assurance belvedere Raiinmaker has auspiciously anesthetized a set of absolute acute arrangement audits by cybersecurity bureau Zokyo. Raiinmaker’s Proof of Influence agreement was stress-tested by Zokyo’s blockchain aegis team, ensuring that the app met adapted badge standards, acute arrangement logic, and security.

‘We’re captivated to accept anesthetized Zokyo’s accurate aegis audits, as Hartej and the aggregation are broadly advised one of the best,’ said J.D Seraphine, architect and CEO of Raiinmaker. “Ultimately we’re blessed to affirm the ability of our Proof of Influence agreement and its acute contracts.”

Raiinmaker is a amusing assurance belvedere that unites admirers and communities with brands and creators beneath one roof, accouterment the decentralized basement to barrage media drives via accepted amusing media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Targeting an influencer business industry accepted to be account $15 billion in 2022, Raiinmaker upends acceptable announcement methods by abutting audience anon with influencers. Through a aggregate of match-making, incentivization, and a different “Proof-of-Influence” protocol, Raiinmaker utilizes the blockchain’s decentralized anatomy to cut out announcement middle-men.

Zokyo is a agenda artefact and cybersecurity bureau that tests the aegis of early-stage startups and Fortune 500 companies through a alternation of agreement audits, assimilation testing, and added assurance checks. The close has agitated out audits on abundant cryptocurrency projects, acceptable a trusted article in the blockchain space.

The acknowledged aegis analysis is acceptable to flash a spotlight on the accessible barrage of Raiinmaker’s centralized token, Coiin. In the Raiinmaker app, Coiin is acclimated to barrage accolade pools which are acclimated to anon accounts business campaigns. Influencers are paid in Coiin for the tasks they accomplish and the assurance they draw, while users can additionally pale Coiin Rewards in a Proof-of-Stake archetypal to acquire added acquiescent income.

Raiinmaker aligns incentives and cast goals to accomplish articulate and abound fan affinity. By leveraging the ability of decentralized identity, brands and creators can bigger activate conversations and drive assurance by abacus likes, comments, and angle to content. Raiinmaker leverages blockchain to automate fan assurance processes and provides agenda rewards at a atom of the amount of acceptable solutions, allotment admirers to discover, grow, and acquire rewards through amusing action.

Zokyo offers acute arrangement and agreement auditing, assimilation testing, and web and adaptable architecture advice as one of the blockchain space’s best acclaimed cybersecurity agencies, acknowledging the assurance and functionality of decentralized cryptocurrency projects. Zokyo additionally offers enterprise-grade appearance at affordable ante through a alloy of onshore and adopted services.

For added information, acquaintance Monroe Rothschild, Head of Marketing at Raiinmaker, at [email protected].