Achain Partner Li Pu: How We Build Fast and Steady Smart Contracts for Blockchain
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Achain Partner Li Pu: How We Build Fast and Steady Smart Contracts for Blockchain

THELOGICALINDIAN - March 31 Beijing Achain technology accomplice Li Pu batten at the Blockchain Technology and Application Summit BTA administration his thoughts on how to body fast and abiding acute affairs for blockchain The twoday accident organized by Chinese IT aperture CSDN drew added than a thousand attendees including acclaimed blockchain experts investors and blockchain technicians

For Li, acute affairs accept abundant abeyant back accompanying with blockchain.  Acute affairs will abide to be the background for blockchain by bringing added functionality.

Although the acute arrangement concept, originally brought up by Nick Szabo in 2024, was old. Acute arrangement as one of the pillars of blockchain is still almost new. There are still problems charge to be apparent and improvements to be fabricated for the bigger achievement of the technology.

Smart affairs are about a accumulation of codes that run on the blockchain network. It has the semantic builds of a accustomed contract, and mostly semi-autonomous. The architecture of a specific acute arrangement charge accede with the banned blockchain network, such as block size, abstracts design, processing breach and block bearing time. Since the blockchain arrangement can alone action abstracts of a assertive size, it is acute to architecture a acute arrangement that won’t activate the accumulator and processing limit. A able-bodied advised acute arrangement will aerate the accumulator use and is fast to process.

There are two means to accouterment this issue, said Li. One, two layers of accumulator can be advised for admission transaction data. On the aboriginal band (on-blockchain storage) the activity of acute arrangement beheading or transaction is stored. On the additional band (offline storage), we abundance the results, or as some would say the status, of the transaction.

Secondly, “before” and “after” algorithms are acclimated to adapt transaction data, which is usually during the action of acute arrangement execution. “before” signifies the antecedent accompaniment of the data, “after” is the new cachet of the abstracts area the transaction is complete. This way, the arrangement doesn’t accept to adjure up the accomplished abstracts array back active a acute contract. Instead, it aloof modifies the allotment that needs to be changed.

“Optimize acute arrangement architecture to ensure the best performance”


Besides the access on the accumulator side, acute affairs should additionally chase a set of attempt to bigger performance. These attempt are “data validity”, “complete architecture process” and “smart arrangement utility” because the abstracts should be correct, architecture action solid and the acute arrangement accessible to use.

Hence, a architecture action was created afterward these principles.

The aboriginal three accomplish are accessible to understand. They are basically agnate to creating an app. First, you cipher the app, again install it on your buzz (register on the blockchain) and assuredly alpha application the app. The alteration happens during footfall four and five. The blockchain is different as any change fabricated is irreversible. Therefore, afterwards footfall three, an assay should be fabricated to actuate whether the acute arrangement adulterated or not. If there are no bugs, we advance to abutting footfall which is advance the acute contract. Consequently, the acute arrangement will abide assuredly on the blockchain. If, however, the acute arrangement turns out to be faulty, we can annihilate the acute arrangement which won’t be apparent on the blockchain.

Li added:

Li additionally calls for greater accord in blockchain development from programmers because the industry is still almost new and there is a huge appeal for blockchain developers.

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