Against Fake Volume Allegation: OKEx Distributes $5M Trading Commissions to Users Weekly
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Against Fake Volume Allegation: OKEx Distributes $5M Trading Commissions to Users Weekly

THELOGICALINDIAN - Recently there appears accusation aloft the trading aggregate of OKEx a worldleading agenda asset barter However the accusation itself is invalid for the adversity to aggregate the authentic abstracts of trading aggregate as a being or alike media outlets let abandoned exchanges like OKEx with futures trading and API transaction

What’s more, there is an important actuality charge to be mentioned. It is appear that OKEx has launched a affairs called Happy Friday, a benefit administration attack that to accord abroad 50% of its trading fee to OKB (OKEx belvedere token) holders weekly. The affairs has broadcast about $5 actor aftermost week. If OKEx has done barter grossly to ability the aggregate which currently listed on CMC, concurrently the account benefit remained $5 million; the barter will charge to pay best of the benefit to users with its own money, again why would OKEx accomplish affected volume? That does not accomplish any sense.

The Happy Friday attack mentioned aloft is a affairs launched by OKEx to administer 50% of account transaction fee as BTC benefit every Friday to users captivation OKB. The bulk is based on the allotment of OKB the user holds. Since launched, the Happy Friday attack became accepted amid OK users worldwide, and the mega benefit basin has already accomplished up to 2,000 BTC.

OKEX, as one of the top crypto exchanges by volume, 24H trading aggregate accomplished $872 actor on CoinMarketCap (14th, Sep.), and $5.07 billion on AICoin (14th, Sep.), the best accepted website about crypto advice in China. The above lists alone token-trading while AICoin annal the absolute aggregate including futures trading.

Taking the abstracts on CoinMarketCap as basal aggregate and 0.02%, the everyman bulk as accepted (which is hardly possible), therefore, the circadian trading fee is $174,550, while the bulk of account benefit basin would be $610,925 (of alone token-trading), which will all be broadcast to OKB holders.

The abstracts showed is based on the everyman bulk of trading fee enjoyed by the highest-level member, and the trading aggregate exclude futures trading, which is the majority acquirement antecedent of OKEx. According to AICoin, the absolute trading aggregate in the accomplished 24H is $5.07 billion, so the 24H futures trading aggregate would be $4,197,248,301. Assuming the trading fee bulk is still 0.02%, again the circadian trading fee is $839,450, and the bulk of account benefit basin would be $2,938,075, which would all broadcast to OKB holders as well.

According to the abstracts affected above, users can get over 1,200 BTC anniversary anniversary from the OKEx Happy Friday campaign. At the aforementioned time, the accommodation is alike accessible to accommodated that you aloof charge to authority no beneath than 100 OKB to adore mega bonus.

As to OKB, it is a all-around account badge issued by OK Blockchain Foundation to affix -to-be agenda asset projects to OKEx users as able-bodied as able investors, creating an OKEx ecosystem that helps to beforehand the development of blockchain technology and the agenda asset industry.

Different from tokens from added platforms, OKB has a abundant roadmap including but not bound to the appliance of programs such as Happy Friday, Global Partner, Prime Investor, OK Partner Exchange etc., as able-bodied as the world’s aboriginal basis artefact OK06ETT. The absolute accessible accumulation of OKB is 1 billion, some of which will be bound up with those programs meanwhile the bulk of OKB will be added. 60% of the apportionment bulk will be accustomed to OKEx users for association architecture through business campaigns, which enables OKB holders to adore assorted privileges and the accretion accumulation for continued term.

*The accepted amount of OKB is $1.23, which is abreast the celebrated low point and account to invest.

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