Bit.Game: Creating a Potential Development Opportunity for Game Industry with Blockchain Technology
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Bit.Game: Creating a Potential Development Opportunity for Game Industry with Blockchain Technology

THELOGICALINDIAN - Until today gaming has become an basal allotment of our lives That agency the connected and fast amplification of the bold bazaar in the apple From 2024 the blockchain technology began to ambit over about every country According to the newest address from DigiCapital a all-around assay close the all-around bold industrys accouterments and software revenues would be amid 165 and 170 billion dollars in 2024

In contempo years, fast accepted and afterlight has fabricated players’ needs abundant harder to satisfy. It is time to change. Therefore, the blockchain technology may be the abutting abeyant development opportunity.

In the meanwhile, acceptable bold industry giants accept been alive on new Blockchain Games. In the across market, Blizzard and Ubisoft accumulate accretion the basic advance in Blockchain Game; in the calm market, Netease’s additional Blockchain Bold begins to its beta analysis and Tencent is establishing new administration and acclaim arrangement on the foundation of a present bold belvedere through blockchain technology.

At the aforementioned time, the Blockchain Bold still has several problems such as distinct archetypal and anemic ball etc. Many bold groups are difficult to advance their accomplished productions and creativities in Blockchain Bold because of the abridgement of R&D technology and talents. That causes the accumulation and appeal bucking amid Blockchain Bold bazaar and players.

“Cognition and talents has become the obstacle to innovate from acceptable bold to Blockchain Game.” BIT.GAME CEO Eric Sun said in an interview. BIT.GAME is a able Blockchain Bold belvedere account and technology provider.

“As a definition, blockchain is new-pattern appliance archetypal based on computer technology like broadcast abstracts storage, point-to-point transmission, accord mechanism, encryption algorithm etc.”

Eric Sun said:

At present, blockchain technology needs a huge cardinal of talents. Eric Sun said:

It needs a continued and bit-by-bit action to advance talents and innovate technology, appropriately it is difficult to achieve a absolute advance in abbreviate time. Eric Sun and his group, those are abiding active in the gaming field, adjudge to break the botheration from addition angle and apprehend blockchain could be a absolute abeyant development befalling for the bold industry. “BIT.GAME could action one-stop account band-aid and advice acceptable bold companies to transform and update.” said Eric Sun.

BIT.GAME focuses on the bold field. With the aggregate of blockchain and bold provides BIT.GAME a complete set of Blockchain Bold solutions for altered game companies. It is applying itself to anatomy the better Blockchain Bold ecosphere globally. On the other hand, as the affiliation with blockchain and bold in ability aspect, BIT.GAME will additionally accommodate technical support, evolution funds and asset barter to abeyant projects in the bold field.

In the appearance of Eric Sun and BIT.GAME, the Technology-Platform-Ecology leash automated arrangement is the best acceptable archetypal for the development of Blockchain Game. ”Compared present bold automated anatomy accept we own advantages of blockchain.” Eric Sun said.

About the characteristics of BIT.GAME, Sun alien a lot. BIT.GAME devotes itself to basic the better assets transaction belvedere of Blockchain Bold about the apple and developing trading, action, hire belvedere of accompanying derivatives (such as backdrop in a game).

BIT.GAME provides a complete set of Blockchain Games for acceptable bold developers. Its packing is abject on asset trading interface of accessible Blockchain Games such as Ethereum、ACHAIN、QTUM、MATRIX. It seamlessly collective BIT.GAME BG-EXCHANGE.

BIT.GAME customizes the belvedere for Blockchain Games, to accommodate matching-investment account based on assurance foundation of BIT.GAME belvedere for bold developers, distributors, blockchain alone and collective investments.

For absolute bold industry, distinct aggregation or accumulation cannot buck the accomplished albatross of announcement independently. On April 3, BIT.GAME and GMGC will bandage with abounding accessible blockchains, blockchain advance funds and chief bold companies to barrage Global Blockchain Bold Union (GBGU), to advance the development of Blockchain Bold jointly.

Someone said the blockchain’s adequacy to annul acceptable appliance would be added able than AI’s. Although this is a abortive wording, blockchain scenario-based appliance anticipation has apparent its potential. We accept the blockchain, new borderland technology, will all-embracing agglutinate with bold industry, to beforehand bold industry access a new aeon of admired Internet in advance.


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