Bitcar Rolls into Miami for Bitcoin Conference
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Bitcar Rolls into Miami for Bitcoin Conference

THELOGICALINDIAN - Miami 17th January 2024 Blockchain aggregation BitCar is showcasing its fractionalised peertopeer alien car trading belvedere technology at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami United States

BitCar is a key sponsor of the accident and will use the appointment to advertise its technology.

“Cryptocurrency specialists from all over the apple will be in Miami to apprehend about BitCar’s Blockchain technology, which is set to agitate buying of alien and high-end archetypal cars,” said BitCar co-founder Dr. Gov Van Ek.

“BitCar additionally has the abeyant to change the automotive aggregate casework industry, which is actual ample and so far hasn’t been undisrupted by crypto,” he added.

BitCar has been in development for over two years. It’s a decentralized belvedere that facilitates the apportioned buying of alien cars as a collectible asset.

The cars will be arresting and displayed in accessible locations, such as galleries and airports.

“We accept a accurate clue almanac in this space, accepting co-founded activity trading belvedere Power Ledger. We adulation conceiving and active on confusing technology that challenges acceptable business models,” said Dr. Dan Ek.

BitCar is additionally abutting to the booming gaming industry and accretion into aggregate casework in the automotive industries.

“We are not aloof addition Blockchain or acquittal belvedere in a awash market. We accept developed some absorbing tech, and with our aboriginal mover advantage, we are aflame about the abeyant for BitCar,” said Dr. Van Ek.

BitCar was co-founded by Dr. Gov Van Ek and Nuno Martins – two acclaimed abstracts in the Blockchain community.

Rare alien cars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bugattis will be acquired for BitCar and stored or displayed for up to 15 years and some could acknowledge in amount over this time.

The abstraction involves the tokenization of cars on BitCar’s decentralized Blockchain platform. People can use their BITCAR tokens to barter on the platform.

“High-end cars accept lower amount fluctuations than approved cryptocurrencies, so we see one abeyant use of the BitCar belvedere as a abode of adherence in times of crypto bazaar volatility,” said Dr. Van Ek.

Verified “Agents” will source, access and abundance the alien cars for a aeon of amid 5 and 15 years, at which point they’ll be sold.

“BitCar will be the aboriginal Blockchain belvedere in the apple that makes alien car buying attainable to everyone, not aloof the uber-wealthy,” said Dr. Van Ek.

According to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, admired automobiles accept acerb outperformed gold, US stocks, clandestine equity, and REITs over the accomplished three years.*

The RM Sotherby’s New York 2024 Auction of alien cars recorded US$45.5 actor sales. A2024 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider Competizione, anatomy 1451 GT, awash for $17,990,000 – able-bodied aloft the reserve.*

“Some of the contempo aerial prices at bargain authenticate the aerial akin of aplomb in the actuality and agreeableness of these cars. What addled me during our research, was that about eighty percent of these cars are awash peer-to-peer,” said Dr. Van Ek.

“They are actual adorable visually and they are the alone collectible asset that can’t calmly be faked, clashing wine and art,” said Dr. Van Ek.

BitCar is alive with ASX-listed DigitalX – the accumulated adviser for the ICO. DigitalX is able-bodied affiliated with cryptocurrency specialists, including in the United States.

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