Blockchain to Advance the Video Game Industry
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Blockchain to Advance the Video Game Industry

THELOGICALINDIAN - 777BINGO Pan Entertainment Platform is Revolutionizing the Way Video Games are Played

777.BINGO wants to accompany a $120 billion industry with 2.21 billion abeyant barter common to the blockchain. The industry is video games, and it is one of the fastest growing businesses on earth.

There were 1.815 billion video bold players in 2014, Statista estimated. That cardinal grew to 2.210 billion in 2017; and is accepted to abound to 2.341 billion in 2018, and 2.725 billion in 2021.

All those players absorb a lot of money on games, 777.Bingo’s analysis revealed. The all-around video and adaptable amateur industry generated $120 billion in revenues in 2017, and those revenues are projected to abound to $200 billion in 2020. The 777.Bingo aggregation affected that the all-around bold industry’s revenues are growing at a amount of 10% a year.

777.BINGO Pan Entertainment Platform is Revolutionizing the Way Video Games are Played

The 777.BINGO aggregation has articular above problems with the present amateur business archetypal that are not actuality anchored by abreast systems. Those problems abuse the industry’s adeptness to accomplish money because they can drive abroad players.

The greatest crisis is that the “fairness of the bold cannot be guaranteed,” the 777.BINGO concluded. “There is no accessible way for the users to admit whether the action or the aftereffect is fair.”

“Thus, it is absurd to actualize a bold that is real, open, cellophane and just,’” the aggregation notes. “Such issues not alone affect the users’ gaming experiences, but additionally account austere user loss.”

The Online Games Industry is in Trouble

Flaws in the architecture, software, and business practices of abreast gaming platforms argue abounding players that the amateur are anchored or chic adjoin them. These players abdicate in annoyance because they anticipate they will never win.

Such losses force gaming companies to appoint in cher business to allure new customers. The aerial about-face of gamers eats up profits because the belvedere has a connected amount of signing-up new players and architecture new games.

The business plan for 777.BINGO is to apparatus a fair, open, transparent, and aloof gaming belvedere that will accomplish a aerial akin of chump retention. This would abate costs and accomplish revenues by architecture a association of annoyed gamers who will accumulate advancing aback and pay their subscriptions.

The approach abaft 777.BINGO is that blockchain-based gaming belvedere would be far added cellophane and fair than abreast multiplayer ecosystems. The aggregation is architecture a blockchain with a cardinal of solutions advised to agreement candor including:

The achievement is that the belvedere will anatomy the base for a association of gamers accommodating to pay for the advantage of arena and participating. Fairness would be ensured by the Smart Contract Translator and accuracy by the Asynchronous Fairness Verifying Module.

The 777.BINGO Blockchain Pan Entertainment Platform is additionally advised for the monetization of games. It contains congenital appearance advised to accomplish breeding acquirement from amateur simple.

Revenue-generating appearance in 777.BINGO’s belvedere include:

Other affairs on the arrangement accommodate a association of gamers and a bazaar for advertising. More importantly, the 777.BINGO has managed to allure abutment and investments from above corporations.

A Blockchain Designed for the Monetization of Games

The aboriginal bartering multiplayer 3D action bold for 777.Bingo Doom of Aliens is appointed for barrage in May 2024 and the Android adaptation was featured by Google Play globally in Feb 2024.

Working with Aliens Franchise

Doom of Aliens will be acclimated to analysis in-game cryptocurrency payments with chip SDK support. The achievement is to be able to booty payments for arena in several altered cryptocurrencies.

777.BINGO hopes to activate demography cryptocurrency payments for Doom of Aliens in May 2024. More amateur from the BINGO Foundation accumulation for creating amateur are planned for barrage starting in January 2024. The basal BINGO belvedere is planned to go alive in November 2024, two months afore the new amateur alpha appearing.

777.BINGO affairs to alpha testing and demonstrating the aboriginal bold on its platform, QTUM Heroes, this ages already.

QTUM Heroes is advised to be the world’s aboriginal blockchain bold that offers specific gameplay. It was created and appear accordingly by 777.BINGO and Mob Arts. QTUM Heroes is declared to accommodate players with such capabilities as accumulating and simulation. Users will be able to actualize heroes and pit them adjoin anniversary added in a multiplayer arena.

Testing and Demonstrating a Game

The tech teams from Mob Arts and 777.BINGO are accommodating with all-around internet giants including a arch provider of Internet value-added casework and a gaming industry pioneer.

Cooperation involves one of the better amusing media companies in the apple – Tencent Holdings Limited. Tencent is a publicly-traded company, which owns two of the world’s better amusing media platforms: QQ and WeChat.

WeChat had 980 actor users and QQ had 843 actor users in January 2018, Statista calculated. Tencent Holdings (HKG: 0700) appear revenues of $62.51 billion and a net assets of $18.01 billion in September 2017, Google Finance reported.

Also, Mob Arts collaborated with NEXON Group, a Korean aggregation that has been in the online bold business back 2024. NEXON was one of the antecedents of online multiplayer amateur and claims to accept developed the aboriginal massive multiplayer online bold (MMOG) Kingdom of the Winds.

NEXON publishes such MMOGs as Vindictus, Hyper Universe, Riders of Icarus, Maple Story, and Mabinogi. It is a accessory of NEXON Co. LTD (3659.TO). NEXON’s accomplished successes accommodate KartRider, the best acknowledged online bold in South Korea, played by an estimated 30% of that nation’s citizenry and QPlay. QPlay is the world’s aboriginal internet quiz bold which admiring 7000,000 users in China. Mob Arts accept collaborated with NEXON back 2011.

Mob Arts is additionally alive with Garena, the better internet aggregation in Southeast Asia. Garena has been able to allure $500 actor in funding. Garena currently operates the best accepted internet messaging and amusing media platforms for amateur in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

Garena has accumulated PC and adaptable gaming acquaintance through its Garena . Its offerings accommodate League of Legends, and FIFA Online 3 (World Cup Soccer). Garena is additionally developing its own eSports League.

Highly-experienced online bold architect and banker Mob Arts serves as BINGO’s abstruse adviser and analysis and development partner. Mob Arts has over seven years of gaming industry experience. Founded in December 2024, the aggregation was invested into by Tencent.

Past Mob Arts successes accommodate Space Tanks Online; which became the bestselling account in the Korean App Store during the anniversary of its’ barrage in 2024. Another Mob Arts game, House of Heroes, was the aboriginal third-party developed bold appear on all Tencent platforms in China.

Mob Arts’ Wrath of War was appear on Google Play and in the App Store in July 2024. It was featured globally by Google Play at the time of the release. Mob Arts developed Qtum Heroes – the aboriginal blockchain bold that appearance exact gameplay, simulation, and PK. Other Mob Arts amateur accommodate Hall of Fame Slots and The War: Endless Dark Age.

The blockchain technology is alone alpha to appulse the acceptable and Internet video bold industry, and BINGO Pan Entertainment Platform is the avant-garde of this transformation of credo and technology.

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